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Read Chapter 4, write a 400 – 800 word essay that analyzes Travis Hirschi’s Social Bond Theory (a social control theory).

Reading and Research:

Read Chapter 4. (I will provided book access)

Watch the video of Travis Hirschi being interviewed by a panel of students.

Read Robert Agnew’s article on testing social control theory.

Agnew, R. (1985). Social Control Theory and Delinquency: A Longitudinal Test.

Criminology, 23(1), 47-61.In a 400 – 800 word essay, address the following:

Identify and briefly describe Hirschi’s 4 social bonds,

Briefly describe Robert Agnew’s Strain theory,

Present a brief argument in support of either Hirschi or Agnew.

Depending on which theory is supported in item 3 above, how should juvenile justice administrators address juvenile delinquency? What programs might help reduce delinquency?

Note: You do not need a title page, running header, abstract, or reference page.

But provide your full source references at the end.

Use at least 3 sources (Do not use Wikipedia or Study.com. They are not reliable

sources). The textbook can be used as a source.

Write in an academic style. Write in 3rd person.

Do not use the words “I,” “my,” or


This essay isn’t about you.

Also, do not use the words “us,” “we,” or “our.”

You do not know who the reader

is. You should not speak for the reader.

Avoid relying on the word “you” throughout the essay.

Put the focus on the information.

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