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You are a captain in charge of operations within your police department. As part of your responsibilities, you supervise the human resources department. It has been brought to your attention that a complaint has been filed by one of the department’s female officers alleging instances of sexual harassment by her supervisor. Taking into account, the psychological and sociological dimensions of human behavior and reviewing the department’s sexual harassment policy, you find that it was written by the previous administration and is not in compliance with the sexual harassment policy guidelines as handed down by recent Supreme Court decisions.

You bring this to the attention of your chief, and he has instructed you to do the following:

Key Assignment Guidelines

Complete the following:

Address the following in 1,500–2,000 words:

Provide a draft sexual harassment policy that is in compliance with the latest Supreme Court decisions.

How you would implement a training program for all of the employees related to the revised sexual harassment policy?

What challenges exist to this policy-making process and training implementation? Explain.

Contrast and compare at least 2 established sexual harassment policies.

Choose 1 from your local police department and 1 from your state law enforcement agency.

How are they similar?

How are they different?

Explain in detail.

Do you think that sexual harassment is a common experience among women in law enforcement? Why or why not? Use external research to fully justify your argument.

Name: Santayna Folkes
Course: CJUS630
Institution: Colorado Technical University
Professor: Susan Kuiper
Date: 07/21/2022
Unit 4 DB Key Assignment Outline
I. Introduction.
A. Describes the aim of the document being written.
B. The problem of gender discrimination is brought up for discussion.
C. Describes the components that should be included in an effective gender discrimination
II. Body.
A. Encompasses a strategy that addresses gender discrimination and complies with the most
recent rulings of the Judicial Branch.
• Outlines the steps that need to be taken in order to conduct an education curriculum in
accordance with the new gender discrimination strategy for workers.
• Provides an explanation of the problems that are now present in the procedure of legislation
and the execution of mentoring
B. Examine and evaluate the similarities and differences between two existing gender
discrimination strategies.
• Includes one regulation against gender discrimination from the organization of justice and one
regulation regarding gender discrimination from the federal legislation administration authority.
• This section addresses the ways in which both regulations regarding gender discrimination are
• A discussion of the differences between the two rules pertaining to gender discrimination is
C. . Addresses talks about whether or not female legal sanctions officers are often subjected to
gender discrimination in their careers.
III. Conclusion.
A. offers an overview that summarizes the major arguments presented in the article.
B.Provide some ideas that might be used to stop gender discrimination in the office.

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