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Please prepare in a formal report on the Citicorp case. Assignment questions are provided below. You must do a thorough analysis of the case and write up your analyses and conclusions in a narrative report format with financial analyses attached. You are not expected to use any information outside of what is provided in the case and in your textbook. In fact, you should not attempt to update the case. By its very nature, a case is “timeless.” That is, it is written to illustrate a specific point and the data to make decisions on this point are included in the case.

It should be noted that this assignment is an individual effort. Any evidence of group work or

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will constitute a form of cheating and will result in your failure of the assignment, at a minimum, or failure of the course, maximum.

Your written report should have a cover page with an honors statement provided at the bottom. The remainder of the report should be typed, double-spaced, with page numbers and a header at the top right of each page. You are not limited in the number of pages you must use, but keep the following points in mind: 1) do not quote the authors of the text or the case unless it is necessary to make a point; 2) use tables and appendices to summarize your analyses, especially financial analyses; 3) use bullets and lists only to itemize lists, not as a substitute for complete sentences; 4) use subject headings to separate ideas; and 5) answer each question thoroughly. Do not fall into the sophomoric trap of writing out the questions and then answering it. Present the analyses and conclusions in a report or narrative format that discusses each topic, delineated by subject headings, and build to a conclusion. Avoid recommendations that require “looking into..” or “thinking about,” as this is what you are expected to do. Your recommendations should include action items that the company could implement starting tomorrow. Finally, proof read your paper prior to submitting it as your presentation will be a part of your final grade.


Case 11: Citigroup Inc., 2015, pp. 455-463

, and write a report that fully and thoroughly answers the following:

What trends are driving change in the banking and securities industry?

Describe the nature of competition in the industry. What factors are increasing rivalry in the industry?

How strong are each of the competitors? Develop and discuss a CPM.

Develop and discuss a SWOT analysis for Citicorp.

Develop a financial analysis and discuss Citicorp’s financial situation.

Draw conclusions about Citicorp’s overall strategic situation, both internal and external. Discuss and support any recommendations you think Citicorp should make to its strategy or implementation.

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