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As the manager of your chosen facility from Week 1, you have been tasked with creating an organizational chart that demonstrates all of the employees in the facility.

Create an organizational chart for three departments in your selected health care facility.

Click here for instructions on how to create an organizational chart using Word


Identify two examples of the primary responsibilities that each employee on your chart has as a part of his or her job description.

The duty list should follow the organizational chart as a separate part of your project.

Health Care Organizations
April Hinds
Health Care Organizations
Part 1
Training and Development Coordinator
The Training and Development Coordinator may work in various work settings to assist
in refining individual skills for the organization’s overall success. One such setting where these
professionals may work is in a hospital organization. To be a successful Training and
Development Coordinator, one needs specific skills. For instance, speaking skills enable a
training and development coordinator to convey important information to staff members
effectively. Similarly, active listening skills comprising good questioning capabilities and
listening to others without interrupting them enable the professional to grasp their students’ needs
and aspirations adequately. According to Careeronestop (2022), other valuable skills include
monitoring, instructing, social perceptiveness, and reading comprehension. Besides, essential
qualities to succeed in this occupation are speech clarity, good oral expression, and
understanding. Technological knowledge of working with excel sheets and internet computer
applications is also instrumental in this profession. A bachelor’s degree, less than five years of
experience, plus specific certifications like trainer specialists or advanced master trainers are
prerequisites for professional practice in this career (careeronestop, 2022). The annual wages for
a training and development coordinator is $103240.
Merger and Acquisition Associate
Merger and acquisition professionals may work at an insurance company to analyze
trends, identify and manage potential threats and share market opportunities to help the company
develop. Essential skills for optimal functioning in this career include analytical, judgment, and
problem-solving skills. These professionals need good networking, collaboration, and
communication qualities. Critical technological qualities for optimal professional functioning
include competency in making presentations and databases on market trends. The educational
requirements for M & A practice include a bachelor’s qualification in accounting, finance, law,
and business. Also, Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
certifications and a 5-10 year experience are instrumental for ideal functioning as an M & A. The
annual salary of the M & A associate professionals ranges between $80000 to $10000.
Part 2
The three advertised jobs that I qualify to apply for from Indeed (2022) are healthcare
customer service specialist by the University of Colorado Medicine, customer service panelist by
Ensemble Health Partners, and customer service team trainer by Vetsource. I possess pertinent
skills for optimal organizational functioning, including analytical, reporting, teaching, and
auditing. However, I need to refine my leadership skills to perform in this capacity effectively.
Taking leadership training programs is one crucial modality for enhancing my decision-making
skills in leadership and managerial roles (Roupnel et al., 2019). Besides, these training programs
may impact my skills for improved interactions with colleagues and subordinates. Mentoring is
another strategy where I may seek the services of a mentor to guide and support my leadership
journey. The mentor is more experienced and may impart significant leadership skills for
efficient administration, personal development, and career planning.
Experience is a crucial component of topmost practice as a customer service trainer. In
the job application for customer service team trainer by Vetsource, I do not have the required 1-3
years of experience creating curricula for coaching or training learners individually or as a group.
Besides, I lack the 1-3 years of customer service experience required by the organization.
However, to acquire the experience while I am still studying, I need to take up volunteering
opportunities in customer service and create coaching curricula. Apart from feeling good about
helping people, industry-specific volunteering opportunities in the community would offer me a
chance to refine my skills in customer service.
Similarly, I need to seek part-time internship programs by organizations requiring
customer service trainers. Despite their competitive nature, these internship platforms assist most
students in gaining valuable competencies for future practice in this profession. Further, I need to
join student societies or groups that participate in developing simulations and real-world
customer interaction scenarios. These avenues help to increase one problem-solving skill and
gain valuable experience to undertake future roles effectively. Lastly, attending industry-relevant
training and workshops would help me achieve the necessary experience. Moreover, these
workshops would offer an excellent networking opportunity and even meet with other potential
Part 3
The healthcare organization I choose for this project is Mayo Clinics. This non-profit
organization offers high-quality educational, research, and clinical practice by personnel with the
integral expertise to provide holistic and individualized patient care services. Its mission is to
give hope and improve the patient’s wellness through high-quality and integrated research,
clinical practice, and educational services (Mayo Clinic, 2017). Mayo Clinics provide therapeutic
healthcare services to patients from all age groups. The organization has several branches in
various states in the United States and serves patients from within the country and from overseas
locations. This hospital specializes in cardiology, oncology, heart surgery, diabetes and
endocrinology, orthopaedics, neurology and neuroscience, urology, geriatrics, and gynaecology
(Mayo Clinic, 2017). Thus, this organization is one of the leading firms in providing healthcare
The Mayo Clinics healthcare organization has various exciting features. First, I am
amazed by their primary value of putting the patient’s interests first. I believe that the patient is
the essential player in the healthcare setting, and thus all plans should revolve around them. With
this value, Mayo Clinics would always strive to offer high-quality, holistic, and individualized
services that effectively resolve patients’ problems, enhancing their health and satisfaction.
Second, this organization aims to continually engage in research and innovations to find newer
and more practical techniques for improving customers’ experience. Healthcare requires
scientific-backed, evidence-based practice to meet all of the patient’s needs exhaustively. Lastly,
I am interested in the organization’s desire to treat everyone respectfully. From a customer
service point of view, respect for diversity is one of the essential components for ensuring
customer satisfaction with the organization. Healthcare workers should respect customers despite
religious, racial, ethnic, or nationality differences.
I have pertinent skills and experiences that can contribute to the overall success of the
Mayo Clinics organization. First, I have excellent communication and presentation skills for
establishing good customer relationships. I can communicate well in writing and orally; hence I
would help teach the workforce about ideal client interactions. Besides, these skills are
instrumental for collaborating with other managers and supervisors to streamline customers’
experience in the organization. Second, with my good listening skills, I would be able to grasp
patient needs and offer recommendations for improving their welfare to the respective
authorities. Third, I have commendable problem-solving skills that are critical for finding
solutions to different customers’ issues to enhance their experience in the organization. Lastly,
my friendly nature will be necessary for helping clients feel at home in the organization. They
would think that the administrators care and value their input.
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Indeed. (2022). Job Search | Indeed. Www.indeed.com.
Mayo Clinic. (2017). About Us – Mayo Clinic Value Statements. Mayo Clinic.
Roupnel, S., Ph.D, N. R., & Grenier10.12806/V18/I2/T1, J. (2019). Leadership development:
three programs that maximize learning over time. Journal of Leadership Education.

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