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Part 1

tell us a little bit about what kinds of music you enjoy.Do you listen to any radio stations? (Be sure to cite the call letters, frequency, band, and format: i.e. WYLD 940 AM Gospel, etc.) Are you a musical performer – do you play in a band, or sing in your church choir?Where are you from? What is your major? What makes you unique?As you get to know the other students in this course, please respond to at least one other student’s introduction with a substantive response. Think of a substantive response as one where you’re trying to tell a classmate about yourself, and hopefully also learning something about them. For example: “Hi, it’s nice meeting you. I also listen to that style of music, and have since I was fourteen years old. I love the way ____________ sings. Who”s your favorite artist”?

Part 2

Keep a log of ALL the music you hear over a two day period. Not just the music you choose to listen to, but everything you encounter in your life (in stores, on TV, while on hold on the phone, etc.). Post your reflections on the amount and quality of music you experienced. Were there any surprises or revelations once you looked at your log? WHAT were the surprises you encountered? Don’t post the log itself, that would be too long – just a summary and your reflections

Part 3

Post your definition(s) or opinions on the question What is ART? What is the difference between an Art and a Science? Between an Art and a Craft? (feel free to check out the beginning of the excellent article on “Art” at www.wikipedia.com, but keep in mind, I am more interested in your reasoned opinion or discussion, than in a book report). What is MUSIC? (What is NOT music – is the opposite of music silence, or is it noise?)



. Again, you are welcome to check out Wikipedia on “Music” but I am much less enthusiastic about the quality of this article. This could be a good opportunity to get to know Wikipedia, if you are not already familiar with it. It is a great place to start, but, since it is an open source that can be edited by anyone, it must be used with caution. Not all the articles are equally accurate or sophisticated.

Part 4

Visit the Discussion forum “Arts Journal” and click on the link (www.artsjournal.com). Arts Journal features thousands of articles covering many topics (not just music). In fifty words, post your thoughts about this site. A couple of ideas that you may want to focus on: Were you aware that a site like this existed? What types of articles do you think you’ll most enjoy reading? Please provide a substantive response to another student’s post.

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