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**Important: Please do not use outside sources for this assignment. Only use the texts provided. The use of outside sources will result in a zero for the assignment**

Please read the following handout and write a 500-word response based on the instructions on the handout:

Aldhawyan 1
Nawaf Aldhawyan
Jeff Dores
The Ecchoing Green
The poem evokes strong feelings of joy. William Blake was a poet who was
underappreciated for his aestheticism, creativity, and outstanding writing abilities. His writings
were written to assist shift the social order in man’s psyche. In his poem “The Eccchoing Green,”
the narrator paints a vivid picture of the delights and sounds of youngsters at play/nature and the
outdoors. Spring has arrived. The sky is beautiful, and the light is dazzling when the sun rises.
The birds are twittering. The wind chimes tinkle as a result of the wind brought by the clouds.
Kids are out playing sports on “The Old Ecchoing Green” and just having fun being kids (lines
1-10). The narrator introduces a guy called Old John in the second stanza. Ancient John looks to
be sitting under an old oak tree with other elders, remembering their childhood recollections.
They watch the children play and recall their own childhood memories of playing on “The
Ecchoing Green” (lines 11-20). Complete and edit: Finally, as the sun sets, the children become
sleepy. Operations have stopped at the end of the day. When the children came back home with
their families, they were exhausted. By then, the memory of “The Old Ecchoing Green” (lines
30) had come to an end.
Two imageries in the poem include the sky being beautiful and the light is dazzling, as
well as the birds are twittering. These are two imageries in the poem that helps one expands his
Aldhawyan 2
imagination reading the poem. The imagery of the poem helps in evoking a mental image in the
reader’s mind of the situation being described by Blake. For example, the sky is beautiful imagery
helps one to imagine where the sky is great based on one’s mind.
Blake uses the image of spring because it is connected with growth and fertility. Spring is
a time for creature birth, the reappearance of flowers after a long winter, and bird song. All of
them represent what is natural, healthy, and unharmed. As a consequence, they enhance the
portrayal of innocence. Blake emphasizes the linkage between the children’s play and the arrival
of spring. Kids in the poems are untainted by experiences, sharing the spontaneity and
effortlessness of the creatures. Recreation is also linked to youth. It inspires the elderly of their
own youth, but there’s a sensation that it won’t last till the conclusion of the next day / the
conclusion of childhood.
The poem relates to childhood play; as such, the major theme is about the nature of a
child’s innocence. In this context, innocence means independence from restriction and selfconsciousness. In their play, the youngsters have little self-awareness and behave as instinctively
as the birds. They also have a lot of faith in their surroundings, both natural and human. This
theme also touches on the instability of the state.
Blake highlights innocence and experience in the poem. As such, Blake uses innocence
and experiences to indicate the power of nurturing creativity. As such, the elderly here, like the
shepherds in The Shepherd, like spending time with the youngsters (lambs). They do not utilize
the control of seniority to suppress the inventiveness and impulses of children.
Aldhawyan 3
The Ecchoing Green

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