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Homelessness (the draft will have to be written based on the executive summary which i attached. Please read the summary so you have a better idea of what is needed and what the draft should contain)


Drafting is a very important step in the writing process, but by no means should it be considered the final stage. In it you should focus on putting as much on paper as you can including your Purpose Statement (though it may eventually change), your supporting evidence, and analysis of the evidence. It is less important to worry about having all the correct words and punctuation as it is to work hard to express as much as you can about the topic. When you have completed the Rough Draft, you should be 90% done with the Final Project.

If it helps, think back to when you drafted your purpose statement in your outline. How has your work up to this point worked toward solving the issue you have identified? What have you unearthed as you have dug into your topic? Addressing similar questions to those from the earlier assignment in your introduction may help you find direction in your draft:

What is the problem?

When does the problem occur?

Who and/or what does it affect?

What are the potential solutions for the problem?

How can you present the solution(s) in a fair way to your audience, respecting their perspective(s)?

Your rough draft will consist of the bulk of your proposal’s content, and should include your proposal broken into four sections:

Purpose: Indicate the purpose statement and scope of your problem – tell us what you will be solving and why you believe it is an important issue.

Problem: Share what the actual problem is and any history that you have regarding it or additional problems that will branch from this initial problem.

Solution: Provide what your solution(s) to the problems are, and outline the steps that you think are needed to get to the solution.

Conclusion: Wrap it all up and provide a conclusion to the reader. Be sure to engage your reader by applying effective organization, appropriate tone, and clear usage.

Also, provide a reference page with a minimum of four references properly formatted in APA style. At least two of your references should be scholarly sources. At this stage, the draft should be around 4 pages plus the reference page.

NO grammar errors or incoherency is accepted

NO plagiarism.

Tisha Brady
Rasmussen College
The project’s topic of homelessness in America is an area with much attention, which
affects the residents of the US. The purpose of the project is to find the causes of homelessness in
America and establish a long-lasting solution to the problems. Homelessness has been an issue
caused by factors such as the unaffordability of the available homes (Tsai et al.,2017). Other
important causes are unemployment, poverty, and mental illnesses of some individuals. Thus, the
project aims to establish solutions to all the above issues.
The problem that has steered the focus on the project is homelessness, which has been a
headache for many people. The question is, why the problem? Some residents suffer homelessness
because of the unaffordable housing and employment, which forms the major part (Santa et
al.,2019). The research will offer a solution to the problem above. The solution that the research
will assist us in finding will relieve the state from the challenge.
The fact is that for one to establish the solution to a problem, he must address the causes
of the problem. It is always the norm that a physician cannot treat diseases that he does not know
the cause. The same is applicable here. The solution that will be elaborated concerning subsidizing
housing costs and creating more jobs for the jobless. Finding the long-lasting remedy to the
mentally sick and reducing the level of poverty in the state.
The research would establish and address the major problems of homeless in the US. The
process and the means of achieving the solution are discussed above. However, the study
recommends a long-lasting solution by digging the whole problem from its roots. Some of the
main problems leading to the homeless are unaffordable housing, poverty, and unemployment for
the US people. The project would thus recommend better solutions to the causes above.
Santa Maria, D., Flash, C. A., Narendorf, S., Barman-Adhikari, A., Petering, R., Hsu, H. T., … &
Ferguson, K. (2019). Knowledge and attitudes about pre-exposure prophylaxis among
young adults experiencing homelessness in seven US cities. Journal of Adolescent
Health, 64(5), 574-580.
Tsai, J., Hoff, R. A., & Harpaz-Rotem, I. (2017). One-year incidence and predictors of
homelessness among 300,000 US Veterans seen in specialty mental health
care. Psychological services, 14(2), 203.

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