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all the information are llist in doc. Second doc. is the example of the paper should looks like

The purpose of this assignment is to compare the photography process to the
process you go about writing a paper. This paper consists of two inter-related parts:
one visual and the other textual. You will take six to ten photographs of your subject
(see below the details). Then, you will use those pictures you took to write a paper
that compares your thought process in photography to the thought process in writing.
Part I: The Photos
Using a digital camera (or the camera on your phone) you will find an item to
photograph. The pictures you take must be ​unique and unusual, so be creative.
Your series of photos should do the following: ​1) ​Make the object appear differently
than what it is (i.e. paper cup: take a picture of it looking like a rocket ship taking off,
paper cup: telescope) ​2)​Tell a story with the object (i.e. penny: Show the journey
from the ground to replacing someone’s face on a mural.)
Photo Requirements
● Include at least six photos and no more than ten
● The item you receive should be the star of the photos
● Photos should either tell a story or be a collection of the object appearing
to be different than it original is
● One of those photos should be in its original state.
● Include your photos at the end of your paper.
Part II: The Paper
You will write a paper that is 500-750 words paper that describes the process that
you went through to take the photos and compare it to the process of writing a paper.
The purpose of the paper is to reflect on the art of composition and its relationship to
persuasion. ​Do not use your paper to “explain” your photos or the narrative
that they tell​. The photos should “speak for themselves.”
Paper Requirements
The word count is 500-750 words.
The paper should have an introduction, body, and conclusion.
The paper should describe what’s happening in the paper.
The paper should describe how this process is like writing a paper.
The paper should reflect on how this process is a metaphor of how you
feel towards writing.
● The paper should have a balance of professional and creative writing.
Picture that Paper
Comm 100W Section 07
February 6, 2020
Word count: 517
Snake in the Grass
The star of my photographs is a long iPhone charger I had purchased the same day the
photos were taken. Like any creative work the hardest part can sometimes be the beginning. For
someone like me who can hardly take a nice photo of a sunset or tell my little cousin a bedtime
story without copying the last movie I watched. Finding inspiration for a creative writing and
photo assignment was very challenging for me. Originally, I had some photos of other objects,
but I felt they were unable to tell a story I was satisfied with. I spent a lot of time going through
drawers and boxes to find something that caught my eye. As I spun around in my chair wrapping
the charger around my fingers to kill time I looked down and found my inspiration. As I twirled
the charger around the coils reminded me of a snake trying to squeeze the life from its prey. As
morbid as it sounds it was the first thing that came to mind. I had finally found an object to
create a narrative with.
My writing style is usually very structured and moves from paragraph to paragraph in a
purposeful way. As a result of this I approached the process of using photos in a very similar
fashion. This meant no nonsense, just clear photos to convey a story that could be understood.
The process for conveying a story through photos was very similar to that of a well formulated
essay. While writing an essay I like to begin with a clear outline and foundation so I can keep my
train of thought very much on track. So as strange as it sounds, I created an outline to tell the
story in as many photographs as I felt necessary. Some may be able to write or snap photos as
ideas come and go through their head however, this has never been my style. With my
foundation laid out I was easily able to take photos I was satisfied with.
The act of taking the photos required some deliberate thought similar to those required in
writing. For example, the angles or lighting reminded me of trying to find the right words to
spice up that sentence just a little more. After taking the photos and arranging them in what I felt
the best possible order, I proceeded to flip through them over and over again in order. This
reminded me of proofreading which is a step many overlook. While flipping through the photos I
was able to tweak some details to make a story flow better.
While completing this assignment I was able to learn about all the details that go into
creating an essay. The process of taking photos to achieve a similar goal was refreshing as it
opened my eyes to the similarities in processes. Like many things in life it is important to have a
plan to make the journey to a final product or destination that much easier.

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