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For this assignment you are to analyze

a dyad



a significant relationship from the film just shown in class.

You must use


Stages of Relationship Development


your analysis.

You must show a clear understanding. Definitions have not been provided. They should be in your notes


Be careful you do not allow your analysis to become a retelling of the plot.

Remember to use the


dyad (two people) throughout your analysis. Do not include a third person or switch

between dyads. If you use a third person or switch between dyads only questions which include the initial dyad identified will be used. Other questions will result in a zero. Do not recount the plot.

Do NOT include any kind of critique of the film. I do not care whether you liked the movie or not. Films are not

shown for entertainment value. If you make any mention of how much you like or dislike the film 10% of the total

points available will be deducted. This includes explaining


of the logistics associated with the film (actors,

director, date, etc




include the

film title

and the

names of the characters in your dyad

but no other logistics

from the film.


Answer the questions on the rubric. Use the appropriate numbers and include the questions.



use essay format. If you submit it in essay format, I will not read it and you will earn a zero. Q

uestions must be in

bold to differentiate between question and answer.

For example:

1. What

happens during the Initiating stage of Relationship Development?




am not going to actually answer this for you but you should be


to see that the answer is


different from the question.

Use your own words for all definitions


Failure to do so will result in a grade


eduction. Use

correct English syntax

and punctuation. This means you will need to carefully proof

read for spelling and/or grammatical errors. Do not rely

solely on your computer’s spell

check function.

This assignment is worth 100 points.

Questions not included and/or typed in bold will result in a

10% deduction of the total points available. Late assignments are not accepted.

Analyses that are not typed will not be accepted.

Keep in mind that stages may or may not appear in order, some stages may be seen more than once and some may not

be seen at all. If you believe a stage is not present in the relationship, as far as the film is concerned, do NOT leave

that question blank. Instead, indicate that the stage was not evident in the film and explain why you believe this to be

the case. Make sure to answer ALL questions requiring a definition or description of a stage.

Knapp’s Model of Relationship Development is not in your text. Descriptions of each stage should be in your notes.

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