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The comapny/brand I have chosen is Lululemon Athletica. Known primarily for its women’s yoga wear, Lululemon has grown into a major player in the sports gear industry. Men and children are now included in the company’s brand and product offerings.

Describe Lululemon’s Logo

o Colour: Red

o Symbol: looking very much like Greek letter Omega

o Impression: Consumers usually link out that the logo represents the sketch of a woman’s face and hair.

What information is Lululemon trying to convey about its brand based on the logo?


Based on an article by Stiegman (2020), 100 people were surveyed and asked to choose a name and logo for the brand lLululemon. The brand name “athletically hip” didn’t taken as a brand name, but this “A” was developed for the logo. Many customers today assume that the letter “A” in Athletica is represented by the iconic symbol (the full name of the brand is Lululemon Athletica).


The Lululemon logo is part of the company’s marketing strategy. In the first place, it represents support, comfort, and quality. Having heard the phrase “pure, butt-hugging joy” once, we’re fairly confident that this is its most accurate definition (Scheplitz, 2020).

How does Lululemon speak to the quality, features, and style relative to one of their competitor brands?

I would say the quality of Lululemon is its core competency. Lululemon states “quality is the heart of who we are”. As Hailey states (2021), their Quality Promise guarantees that clothing will be durable and functional. Otherwise, they’ll return it. New stuff can be refunded in full. “Like-new” sales are exempt. Lululemon has a feature which is “expensive. However, it worths for the price. It costs a lot more to make specialty fabrics and high-quality clothing that will last for a lot longer. Also, they invested a lot of time into coming up with new styles and ways to measure performance. They do have a Whitespace Lab, which has humidity-controlled rooms, high-tech exercise machines, and even dunk pools, where they test the gear.

Lululemon’s designs are light, buttery soft, and incredibly comfy. They place a high value on the smallest of design elements. Lululemon’s style, from a customer’s perspective, is more introverted and more appropriate for everyday wear than other sports or yoga brands. It’s comfortable enough to wear around the house or while working out. The look is more “social”.


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