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Team Project – Microbiology Multimedia Presentation
As recognized leaders in the field of microbiology, you are hired by a leading microbial agency
to design and produce a media presentation that promotes your assigned topic as one of the current
microbial issues of the year. Assume that your presentation will be shown on the Internet to people who
are interested in the advancement of microbial technology.
Project Guidelines:
1. This is a two-persons project. Your grade will reflect the efforts of each member of the
group. Use each person’s talents to their best advantage. For example, one may be better at
in-depth research while the other has special multimedia talent. Both students will be held
responsible for understanding the content of the entire presentation. Use the online course
platform, email or whatever other methods you need to keep in touch and accomplish this
activity together.
2. A topic will be assigned to your team by the instructor. Potential topics are:
a. Monkey Pox
b. Dental caries
c. Maggot Therapy
d. COVID-19
e. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
f. HIV – AIDS and Gene CCR5
g. Hepatitis
h. CRISPR/Cas9
i. ESKAPE pathogens
j. Coeliac Disease
k. Bacteriotherapy
3. Research your topic using at least 10 or more valid references.
a. Bibliographic references, works cited, or works consulted must be included, however you
may be creative with this (i.e. in the form of movie credits, “small print” under interviews
or charts, etc.) Be sure to provide a reference for all information that you present.
4. Develop a full review paper and a presentation which can be a PowerPointâ„¢, Flashâ„¢,
Windows Movieâ„¢ or any other multimedia format that all students can open and view.
a. Be sure to highlight all or some relevant features of your topic as presented below:
1) Definitions
2) Historical antecedents
3) Epidemiology (in the case of an ailment)
4) Prevalence
5) Relevance/significance of topic to the society
6) Scientific advancement
7) World’s response to your topic
8) Your personal opinion
9) Recommendations.
5. During discussions with your partner, consider questions that you think your audience might
be interested in finding answers to.
6. Your project will be evaluated according to the following standards:
a. 20 points – Thoroughness: Addresses all aspects of the topic.
b. 20 points – Clarity: Points are well thought out and presented
c. 20 points – Bibliography: Appropriate and complete in APA format and supports the
d. 20 points – Presentation Format: Easy to read, follow, and understand. Not distracting
e. 20 points – Original Work: Written in Team’s own word. Quotations cited appropriately
f. 20 points – Use of English: Proper use of spelling, grammar and language

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