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The work breakdown structure reaches its culmination through the change management plan and project closure. As a project manager, you need to ensure that your WBS has been successfully implemented.


a work breakdown structure (WBS) and project schedule for the project proposal you selected in Week 2.


Microsoft® Project to list the components and breakdown of the project’s WBS (i.e., project phases, grouping of tasks, resource assignments, and so on).


a Gantt chart with the following:

Project phase


Resource names/titles


Start and finish dates

New Branch Setup
Katherine Hart
Phoenix University
July 17, 2022
Gary Casey
Project Overview
❖ The proposed project is a opening up a new branch
for a business organization.
❖ All business organizations, small or large, aim to
expand and grow.
❖ This leads to increment in customers, sales, and
❖ As the organization grows and expands, new
branches of the organization are set-up.
Project Overview
● The project aims to inform business
organizations on salient features to
consider before setting up a new
● These include conducting effective
market evaluation, designing a
feasible business plan, ensure there is
adequate and well trained staff, and
have enough capital.
● Additional, the proposed project will
inform business organization how to
navigate the process of opening up a
new branch.
Stakeholders and Benefits
âž” Business Owners: Business owners will benefit from the
project by expanding their business organizations.
âž” Customers: Customers will benefit from the project as there
will be increased access to the company.
âž” Investors: A successful opening up of a new branch will result
in investment gains to the investors.
âž” Government: Local and national governments will benefit from
the project with increased taxation.
Resource Requirements
● The first resource requirement for the project is a lease
agreement for the new location of the branch.
● The second resource requirement is capital to set-up the
new branch (Freedman, 2022).
● The third resource requirement is adequate staff to
work in the new branch.
● The fourth resource requirement adequate supply chain
to the new branch.
Fundamentals of the Project
➢ The first fundamental of the project team is to initiate the
➢ The second fundamental of the team structure is to determine
the feasibility of the project.
➢ The third fundamental is to actively plan and control the
➢ The fourth fundamental of the team structure is to effectively
schedule the project operations.
Team Development Stage Model
❏ The team development stage model to be used is
the T7 model.
❏ The T7 model has five internal factors and two
external factors that affect team efficiency
(Cameron, 2020).
❏ The internal factors include Thrust, Trust, Talent,
Teamwork skills, and Task skills.
❏ The external factors are Team support from the
organization and Team leader fit.
Stages of the Project
➢ Initiation stage: The project is defined in this stage,
and the goals, scope, and resources of the project
are identified (Coursera, 2022).
➢ Planning Stage: Feasible steps to taken to
accomplish the project are stipulated.
➢ Execution Stage: The actionable plan proposed is
enacted to ensure the project is underway.
➢ Closure: The project is completed and analysis of
the proposed goals are made to determine the
effectiveness of the project (Coursera, 2022).
Team Leadership Needed at each
★ Initiation Stage: Leadership in this stage is required to Identifying the
scope of the project, communicating the project’s goals and purpose
to stakeholders, compiling project proposal and charter, and clarifying
resources required (Coursera, 2022). .
★ Planning Stage: The tea leader at this stage should decide on the goal
completion milestone, develop a schedule for milestones and tasks,
establish the change process, determine how and how often
communication with the team members and stakeholders will be.
Team Leadership Needed at each
âž” Execution Stage: Team leadership at this stage should track the
progress of tasks, motivate team members and keep them focused,
inform stakeholders of the project progress, respond to risk as they
arise, and incorporate changes to the proposed project plan (Coursera,
âž” Closure Stage: Team leadership are required to communicate the
completion of the project to stakeholders, create a report about the
project, congratulate team members on the completion of the project,
and conduct analysis of changes that can be made of future project.
Roles of Team Project Leader
❏ Establishing and adhering to appropriate project
management standards.
❏ Managing the production and progress of the project
❏ Monitoring and planning the project.
❏ Ensuring the project is on track.
Roles of Team Project Leader
❏ Managing project risks.
❏ Communicating with the stakeholders.
❏ Managing the expectations of
❏ Preparing follow-up recommendations
about the project.
Cameron, M. (2020, October 20). How to Choose a Team Effectiveness Model.
SpriggHR. https://sprigghr.com/blog/hr-professionals/how-to-choose-a-teameffectiveness-model/
Coursera. (2022, July 12). 4 Phases of the Project Management Lifecycle Explained.
Freedman, M. (2022, June 29). Time to Expand? Tips for Opening Another Location.
Business.Com. https://www.business.com/articles/tips-for-opening-another-location/

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