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ICS 392 Arakawa
Winter 2022 Hybrid
Lab 2
Due 7/5/22 @ 10:00p CST
We are improving and revising our lab 1 website this week.
Watch the online tutorials (D2L Content-Week 3).
Watch the Review the “Image maps v1” handout on D2L Content-Week 3.
Assignment (Remember to include the standard HEAD with your name, date and
1. Create a webpage page with your personal statements. You can start with
the one that you created from Lab 1.
2. On the home page (index.htm):
a. Remove Your name
b. Remove the content about movies (you will create a separate page
for that list)
3. Create three NEW pages (you will have 4 total pages, including the home
page) with the following content:
Protip: It’s a good idea to make all the changes to
index.htm, including the image map first. Then do
a “Save as” to create the other pages. My Memory,
My Movies, My Restaurants.
a. Create an Image (the navigation banner) to be used as a navigation
tool (do not use the one from class)
i. Resize to 1100px wide (**do this before you get your coords
for the **)
b. Your navigation banner should indicate (the samples below are for
the home page and the movie page).
i. Your name (Katsu’s)
ii. What page it is on (Home Page)
iii. The current page “button” (PPT shape) should be
differently formatted on each page. The shapes can be
the same, but the formatting of the shape (fill color, fontfamily, font-size…) should change as specified. See
c. Use an image map () to create hotspots on the
Image. Create links from each page to other pages. In other words,
you should be able to get to any page from any page.
d. Insert at least one relevant picture on each page
i. For example, include a picture of your favorite movie on the
Movie page
e. Include the following content on the specified page
i. Home: Two paragraphs about you.
1. career goals ( 5-6 sentences).
2. hobbies/interests ( 5-6 sentences).
ii. Memory: describe a favorite memory you have. It could be a
vacation, a sporting event, or a success you had . Include
comments about your memory( 5-6 sentences).
iii. Movies:
1. My 4 Favorite restaurants in .
2. List four movies ().
3. Hyperlink your top movie to the IMDB website page.
4. Include why you chose your top movie (e.g. favorite
actor, director, scene, etc) ( 5-6 sentences).
iv. Restaurants:
1. My 4 Favorite restaurants in .
2. List four restaurants ().
3. Include your favorite menu item at your top pick and
reasons why you like your top restaurant( 5-6
Please Read: If a specific requirement is not listed, you may use the default
(do not code it) or choose a value (as long as it is readable). For example, if a
font-family is not specified for the , you may choose any font-family or not
code it (leave the default value).
All files included
Student info in zipped folder (NAME)
Student info in HTML file HEAD area
Four pages (home/movie/memory/restaurant)
Paragraphs about topic. (more needed)
Images (on each page) (home/movie/memory/restaurant)
Image Map
Less than 1100px wide
Layout / Design of Buttons
Links on (Home/Movie/Memory/Restaurants)
Links to every page (Home/Movie/Memory/Restaurants)
Total Deductions
No Files
Not rar/7z: use zip
(Less Deductions)
Lab Score
.5 each
.5 each
.5 each
1 each
1 each
( 0 )

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