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Please carfully read the word document and do the requirements..

Crim 113-Criminal Investigation
Online Assignment #4- Death Investigation-the Autopsy
For this assignment, we will be looking at the human body and the decay process, as
well as how an autopsy can assist in identifying the current condition of the deceased
body, as well as evidence or information on the method, manner and time of death.
To begin the assignment, students will begin a written paper on the process of
decomposition of the human body, covered in Ch. 9-Death Investigation. Students will
write approximately one page of information on the decomposition process, and what
happens to the body, both physiologically and due to environmental influences. Refer to
pp. 247-248 in the textbook Criminal Investigations by Lyman. Students will review and
take note of the four interpretative processes completed during the autopsy.
Next, students will go to the following Youtube website:

(you will have to copy and paste it into a web browser). WARNING: this is an autopsy of
a young woman. It lasts just under 10 minutes, but demonstrates the seven basic steps in
any autopsy. It is real and graphic, so please be prepared to watch it before you sit down
and do so. Once you have completed watching the video, answer the following:
Identify the basic steps in the autopsy.
What did you find about the autopsy process that you found to be interesting?
What did you find about the autopsy process that you found to be shocking?
What benefits with relation to the decomposition process can you see from the
autopsy? Were any phases of decomposition identified present during the
5. Discuss the processes in the autopsy observed, and explain them as you
interpret them in a written response. In other words, discuss the person in the
autopsy’s death from the processes perspective.
After gathering the required information, add it to the decomposition process started
earlier. Make sure to reference all five pieces, and make this a formal report. As always, a
Cover page and Referece Page are required in APA format. Sentence structure, grammar,
punctuation and spelling will be graded as well. It is important to be professional in all
aspects of Criminal Justice, and most of what individuals do in these fields includes large
detailed amounts of paperwork. Please note the due date of this assignment in the
module. No late work will be accepted.
Title page—————————————————-5 points
Reference page———————————————-5 points
Spelling, grammar, punctuation————————–5 points
Correct use of citation(s)references———————-5 points
Topic thoroughness and presentation——————-30 points
Value of this Assignment: 50 points

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