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You will be an EC administrator for this case study. You will use this case study to develop

accommodations or modifications for meaningful inclusion in an EC general education classroom

These adaptations may include changes in the environment, modified outcomes, specialized

interventions, differentiated materials, and assistive technology. As the EC administrator, you will

also make recommendations to support the EC teacher.

Case Study: Personal Space

Ms. Carol is a teacher in a 4 year old general education EC preschool classroom. Maddie is an

attractive little girl diagnosed with Pervasive Development Disorder or PDD; a form of mild autism

She has been in Ms. Carol’s EC general education classroom for three months

Maddie likes to have her own space and demonstrates very aggressive behavior when people come

in to the space that she doesn’t know or possibly trust. She allows her parents and her teacher to

come into her space frequently. Some of the other classmates are allowed in her space, but not

everyone. Actually, it is only rare that 2 children are consistently allowed in. The frustration with the

teacher is that she never knows which child will be let in or what is going to make Maddie lose


By lose control, Ms. Carol means pushing them away to throwing things at them. It seems to

escalate as it progresses. She will start with a simple motion or even a disgruntled sound but if the

other person does not read this clue, then she will escalate until she gets her message across.

There are no stressors in her life that would show cause for her to need her own space.

The EC Program Director had advised Ms. Carol to observe Maddie, follow her lead, start from

where she is developmentally and give her the tools she needs. Find how she learns best and start

from there! However, we are now three months into the school year and Maddie needs to be able to

function in a classroom setting in order to be successful. She is four and will be going to

Kindergarten next year. If Maddie can be successful in Kindergarten in a group setting, she will be

successful in school. Ms. Carol plans a meeting with the C Program Director to discuss some

evidence-based strategies to address Maddie’s behavioral challenges.

For the final exam, you are the EC Program Director. You are advising Ms. Carol how she might

make adaptations to support Maddie’s successful inclusion in the EC classroom and prepare her for

Kindergarten. Discuss your recommendations for each item (label your items) supporting them with

evidence-based examples. Use APA citations from NAEYC and early childhood research (articles or


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