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Students will identify one key piece of the legislation that is currently making its way

through a state legislative process in California as well as many other states, but that

has not yet passed or been enacted (Active) . California, as well as many other states

maintain websites that follow proposed bills throughout the legislative process. You are

to locate one bill during the current academic year.

Students should select a bill that has been proposed in response to a perceived public

health issue and write a  paper which

includes the following:


• Overview of the health problem: An overview of the public health problem to be

addressed. Discuss the severity of the problem and number of people affected by

it and by the proposed bill

• Severity of the health problem: Discuss the research & the background in

relation to the health problem. Is there consensus among researchers regarding

its severity and how-to best deal with it? What would realistically happen if no

intervention was implemented. Please make sure to cite all references to support

the stated statistics and data.

• Overview of the bill and Stakeholders: An overview of the proposed bill in

terms of its specific provisions. Do not just discuss what the promoters promise

and what will be accomplished. Make sure to read the fine print and see exactly

what the bill will do. Describe who the stakeholders are that who  are affected in

any way by this bill.

• Promises/Expected Outcomes:  Who are the promoters of the bill? Describe

what the promoters of the bill believe that the bill will accomplish. Make sure to

discuss what specific health outcomes the promoters state will occur if the bill is


• Problems: Describe what individuals or groups are opposed to the bill and why

they are opposed. Make sure to research special interest groups such as

professional trade associations, industry groups, etc. to explore the types of

lobbying efforts they are undertaking with respect to the bill. (15 points)

• Unintended Consequences: Describe what unintended consequence(s) could

arise resulting from passage of this bill. In this section you should discuss

unanticipated outcomes or results that could have a negative impact (go wrong) if

the bill was passed.

• Recommendations: What is your recommendation regarding this bill. Make sure

to support your opinion with facts and with reference to class readings & other


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