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Your team has been asked to develop a presentation for a public health conference on a chronic disease or health issue of your choice. You have been asked to develop a poster presentation and provide a speech. You know very little about this conference or the needs for the presentation and speech. You and your team will be required to conduct some research to identify the requirements for this request. Some possible topics to consider for the presentation include the following:



Vaccine-preventable diseases (measles, mumps, varicella).

Heart disease.


Other topics (check with your instructor to confirm your choice is a good one).

Complete the following steps for this assignment:

Develop a series of questions that can be used to obtain the information needed to respond to the request.

Create some potential answers you might receive in response to your questions.

Analyze the data needed, socioeconomic issues to be considered, and language issues related to developing the presentation.

Develop a project plan that lists the tasks you must complete to develop the speech and poster presentation.

Use the Project Plan Template linked in the Resources to complete your project plan.

Note that you will not be developing the materials for the speech and presentation. Instead, you are developing a plan to get these items completed. You must identify the tasks and deliverables as well as the person responsible for completing each task. You will need to consider the following in your project plan:

Topic to be covered.

Data to be collected (related to the topic).



Incidence or prevalence.

Related biological or genetic factors that affect a population’s health.

Any analysis needed.

Needs assessments to be completed.

Socioeconomic issues to be considered.


Visuals that need to be included.

Partnerships – which stakeholders should you connect with to get the needed information?

Tasks required to develop the poster presentation.

Tasks required to develop the speech.

When you have completed your project plan, write a brief analysis of your own strengths and weaknesses in regard to completing the tasks on the project plan (including your cultural proficiency). Which tasks do you feel prepared to do and which tasks will you find more challenging to complete and why?

Review the scoring guide prior to developing and submitting your assignment to ensure you meet all evaluation criteria.


Your assignment should meet the following requirements:

Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.

APA formatting: Your paper should demonstrate the current APA style and formatting.

Number of resources: Include a minimum of three resources, appropriately cited throughout your paper and in your reference list.

Suggested length: 3–4 pages, typed and double-spaced, not including the title page and reference list.

Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.

Submit your paper and any other required elements to the assignment area.

Requirements: 3-4 pages

Hi- I received some feedback on my assignment from the instructor. Would you be willing to take another stab at the following?

Develop a series of questions that can be used to obtain the information needed to respond to the request. This is to define the population who will be receiving your information.


your audience 6


graders, medical practitioners, Seniors,

school teachers

, professionals already in your field? Make sure to

tailor your information to your target audience.

Create some potential answers you might receive in response to your questions.

The discussion board responses covered this quite nicely. You may check back and see what others would want answered prior to the invited presentation.

Include the timeline. While there is an excel spread sheet loaded up for you, you can use whatever format you feel comfortable to demonstrate how you would plan, implement and evaluate your presentation.

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