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This is the book:



Chapter 1: page 5-29 (Key terms on page 29)

Chapter 1: page 31-59 (Key terms on page 59)

Chapter 1: page 61-89 (Key terms on page 89)

Chapter 1: page 91-115 (Key terms on page 115)

Chapter 1: page 151-175 (Key terms on page 175)

Chapter 1: page 177-203 (Key terms on page 203)




Answer the questions below in THIS word document and save it as a word document in
your name.
You have 1hr and 15 minutes for the exam. Send it back by 10:15am. Late exams will not
be accepted.
A. Define 15 out of the 18 keywords below from an anthropological perspective. Be short (a
sentence or two should suffice), precise and please write legibly. (2 points per keyword).
1. Enculturation
2. Cultural relativism
3. Norms
4. Phenotype
5. Code switching
6. Values
7. Language
8. Ethnocentrism
9. Symbols
10. Mental maps of reality
11. ‘Race’
12. One drop rule
13. Paralanguage
14. Institutional racism
15. Migrant
16. Focal vocabulary
17. Nativism
18. Genocide
B. Answer 3 out of 5 questions below in short (max. two paragraphs) answer style. Be precise,
informative and analytical. (5 points per question).
1. What is ‘culture’ from an anthropological perspective?
2. What are the key research methods used by anthropologists during their ethnographic
3. ‘’Race’ is socially constructed’. Explain.
4. Discuss different reasons for and types of migration.
5. Describe and discuss different pathways to citizenship.
C. Write a synopsis (1 paragraph) of the film: ‘The anthropologist’ (5 points)

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