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M4 Discussion: Human Resource Management

M4 Reflective Journal Assignment

M4 Human Resource Challenges at Marriott

M3 Discussion #2

Discussion for today and assignment can be for Saturday night.

M4 Discussion: Human Resource Management
Why is it important to keep the firm’s strategy in mind when engaged in human resource
activities such as selection? What can organizations do to make new employee orientation
programs more effective?
Please include an in-text citation in your discussion post. You may cite the text or an outside
source. Be sure to include the Reference.
Discussion participation requirements:
You are required to participate and will be graded on all discussion board contributions. You are
required to make no less than 3 (three) cogent, constructive, informed comments to the board.
Excellent discussion participation is characterized by you composing at least 1 original post, and
replies to at least 2 other students. Posting and comments that are accurate, original, relevant,
teaches us something new, and are well written. Excellent posts and comments add substantial
presence to the course, and stimulate additional thought about the issue under discussion. The
three discussion postings CANNOT be made on the same day. You can, however, post multiple
questions, comments, or responses on any given day, but your grade requirement requires three
separate and distinct visits, with 3 quality contributions to the discussion board.
Palmira Brown
M4 Discussion: Human Resource Management
16 days ago
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Last 2 days ago
Why is it important to keep the firm’s strategy in mind when engaged in human resource
activities such as selection?
Human resources plays an important role in the employee selection process. Human Resource
Management activities (HRM) for example planning, job analysis, recruiting, selecting, socialization
and training, job design, performance appraisal, compensation, and development must be aligned
with the firm’s strategy and environment (Hitt p. 170). Selecting an employee that matches the firm’s
strategy and environment will have a competitive advantage for the organization. Matching or
selecting the right employee with the firm’s strategy will also help the employee perform well and
maximize performance.
What can organizations do to make new employee orientation programs more effective?
Organizations can increase the effectiveness of their new employee orientation programs by keeping
paperwork to a minimum. Do not include the paperwork that is not required to be completed
immediately. Instead of paperwork that explains benefits or insurance information show short videos
instead. Provide a handout of terms or abbreviations that are often used by the organization and pair
the new hire with an experienced worker who shares the new hire’s personality to show/provide
support. I remember when I first was hired to work in healthcare, I was paired with another employee
for 1 month which worked out well. I was able to get my questions answered right away and one
thing that I noticed was that she shared the same work ethics, This helped me focus on my work and
after 1 month I was confident in my role and was able to work on my own.
Hitt, Michael A, Stewart Black, and Porter, Lyman W. Management. Upper Saddle River, N.J:
Pearson Prentice Hall, 2012.
Shanna Hosley
4 days ago
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Last 2 days ago
It is important to keep the firm’s strategy in mind when engaged in human resource activities
such as selection because it ensures the company is working together to reach its goals. By hiring
and training employees in alignment with the goals of the company, this ensures strategic human
resource management and is beneficial for the company. Things a company can do to make a “new
employee orientation program” effective would be to properly welcome new employees by making
them feel less anxious and more comfortable with the new job, go over policies and details of the
job, and set goals and expectations for the job.
Jackson Miller
M4 Discussion: Human Resource Management
5 days ago
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Last 4 days ago
Why is it important to keep the firm’s strategy in mind when engaged in human
resource activities such as selection?
To have a strategy be successful, human resources management must be run properly.
A big human resources activity is selection. The right people will not be hired if you do
not keep the firm’s strategy in mind. Keeping the firm’s strategy in mind when hiring
allows you to get the best employees for your firm’s strategy and goals. “Even with a
good set of candidates, managers must also determine which one is best for the job.”
(174) The best candidates will be the ones who fit best in line with the firm’s strategy.
What can organizations do to make new employee orientation programs more
I personally believe when everyone is bought in, orientation is one of the best ways for
new employees to get acclimated. The textbook highlights some key things
organizations should consider doing when having the goal of making new employee
orientation programs more effective. My personal favorite is “Match each new employee
with a “buddy” (that is, an experienced worker) based more on personality compatibility
than similarity of jobs.” This is a wonderful way for a new employee to learn under the
wing of someone they can get along with based on similar interests and someone who
knows the job well.
MBS Direct: Management (Subscription) (vitalsource.com)
M4 Reflective Journal Assignment
Submit your Reflective Journal for this module as an attachment.
Please make sure you’ve answered the following questions in your journal entry: (All Journal
Questions are also written out within the Template).
Are there differences between a manager and a leader? What makes a good leader? Are
people born as leaders? Are there traits that can be seen early in a person’s life that
identify that person as a leader? Can someone without these traits go on to become a
Reflect upon a time when you worked with an effective leader? What made this person
Reflect upon a time when you worked with an ineffective leader? What made this person
Your journal entries should be a combination of your personal reflection supported by facts
from the readings, discussion, and assignments.
(Continue to build on the last graded Reflective Journal file -which includes instructor
comments- and upload the new version with additions in each module.)
M4 Human Resource Challenges at Marriott
After reading the case in the textbook in chapter 7, answer the questions below regarding
human resource management at Marriott Hotels. Please complete your assignment on a
separate document and upload it for grading.
1. Why should a company spend money training lower level workers when they can easily
be replaced?
2. What elements of the Human Resource process contribute to Marriott’s success?
3. What are the benefits to an organization for creating internal career paths for the
organization’s employees?
M3 Discussion #2
We have all seen on the news how outsourcing a component of a product (like airbags for cars
produced by other unrelated companies) can impact a business.
First, identify a product recall that resulted from outsourcing a component of your
finished product.
Next, discuss what controls you would put in place to deter this from happening in the
o Should the possibility of a recall be taken into consideration when engaging in
the make or buy analysis? If so, how would you do it?
Please post a 100-150 word response, and respond to two other people’s postings. It is
expected that you participate at least three different days each week.
This is just to start the discussion thread. Your instructor and you are expected to expand
on the topics covered in this module by adding additional discussion topics.
Elena Nye
Ford Brake Pad Recall
1 day ago
Ford issued a recall for rear brake pads on certain models of their vehicles. The brake pads,
which were manufactured by Continental Automotive Mexicana, did not stop the vehicles within
the legal requirement.
The controls I would put in place to deter this from happening in the future would be to have the
manufacturing partner provide extensive testing and video confirmation of the product testing for
every batch. I imagine that over time machines require recalibration, therefore, constant testing
should be reasonable, especially, after machines have undergone recalibration.
The possibility of a recall should be taken into consideration when engaging in the make or buy
analysis. If a recall ends up needing to be done there would be significant financial implications
for the motor company. For instance, this recall requires that the company provide replacement
brake pads, plus the labor cost for installation. Not to mention potential lawsuits until the official
recall goes into effect.
I imagine that the company does budget for potential recalls, similar to accounting for
warranties that we discussed earlier in the course. A recall strategy should be a part of the
accounting process for any company providing products to consumers.
I went down the rabbit hole and analyzed based on the idea that yes recalls should be taken
into consideration in the make or buy analysis and then deleted it all and came back to this
point that it depends. A company should always do their due diligence regarding the company
they ultimately do business with and the products the are interesting in purchasing. Corners
should not be cut in order to save money, especially when it comes to safety.
Assuming that Ford has the capacity and ability to manufacture the brake pads doesn’t mean
that they would never have a brake pad recall. They are now just taking on the manufacturing,
testing, and full legal responsibility of the brake pads. One could argue that by outsourcing the
brake pads they are insulating themselves from the full liability of lawsuits regarding brake pad
Source: https://www.autoblog.com/2021/12/03/ford-escape-bronco-sport-recallbrakes/#:~:text=Ford%20is%20recalling%20certain%202021,Mexicana%2C%20the%20brake%20
Jack McGarry
M3 Discussion 2….
1 day ago
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Last 21 hours ago
Hey classmates and professor, I hope this finds you all well.
Identifying a product recall that resulted from outsourcing a finished product, the most famous
from my memory were the exploding Samsung phones of 2016 due to faulty batteries. Samsung
outsourced the production of its batteries to third parties, which perhaps saved money in the
short-term, but later cost the company billions of dollars in recall costs and compromised stock
valuation (Che, 2016).
In terms of what controls I would put in place to deter this from happening in the future, as
Samsung has done, I would have aggressively investigated the series of actions that led to the
mistake and overhauled its safety testing procedures based on the investigations solutions
(Moynihan, 2017). These solutions could include only working with outsourcing suppliers with
verified high safety compliance and quality consistency or potentially reshoring the production
of such critical components, even though it may be more expensive.
Lastly, on whether recall costs should be considered when engaging in make or buy analysis, the
cost of recalling the phones should be balanced against the potential long-term consequences
of not pursuing a recall strategy. For example, in the case of Samsung, they followed a recall
strategy similar to the Tylenol episode in the 1980s, where both companies recalled vast
inventories of products costing billions of dollars. However, with their aggressiveness in
recalling, even though weighing the costs involved, both companies recovered and returned to
growth (Dua, 2017).
Chen, B. X., & Sang-Hun, C. (2016, October 12). Why Samsung Abandoned Its Galaxy Note 7
Flagship Phone. The New York Times.
Dua, T. (2017, October 6). From a “cultural meme” to a comeback kid: How Samsung overcame its
Galaxy Note 7 fiasco. Business Insider Nederland. https://www.businessinsider.nl/how-samsungovercame-its-galaxy-note-7-fiasco-2017-10?international=true&r=US
Moynihan, T. (2017, January 23). Samsung Finally Reveals Why the Galaxy Note 7 Kept Exploding.
Wired. https://www.wired.com/2017/01/why-the-samsung-galaxy-note-7-kept-exploding/
Richard Davis
M3 discussion 2
16 hours ago
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Last 16 hours ago
In my life, I remember one recall that was so apparent in the news and social media. The
Samsung Note 7 smartphone had a faulty battery that resulted in the combustion of the phone
at any time. This battery was produced by a Chinese company called wing-tech. I remember
watching social media posts about people afraid to use their phones, or CCTV footage of a
customer’s phone erupting into flames during use while waiting in line at a store.
I believe that ensuring an issue like this does not happen again would be extensive testing of
products even in an environment that typically would not be normal for the phone’s use whether
this is extreme heat, high repeated impact, moisture, or bootleg chargers. Especially when
testing parts that are outsourced to another company. Any portions of manufacturing that are
outsourced should be made by a company that Samsung believes holds the same standard of
quality and craftmanship that they do.
The company should definitely factor in the risk of
recalls into the mark or buy analysis. the company’s first step should be attempting to stop any
recalls during production through the use of testing and manufacturing. Yet a recall is always a
risk and should be planned for if the products do have a significant issue.

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