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As we have proceeded further and are nearing the end of the course, we saw more and more that businesses and institutions use multiple modalities of social media (including search engine marketing) to reach a wide audience. For this assignment, you have been hired by Brooklyn College to

evaluate its use of these tools. In today’s virtual environment, these activities have become central to an organization’s communication objectives.


You have been asked to

examine two specific tools – the Facebook page and Twitter account of (a) Brooklyn College, and (b) Yale, Harvard, NYU, or Columbia (your choice).

You are to compare



of these two universities



these platforms



they do it, their


, and what


they are sending (


questions for


tool at


institution). Include the following information – how often there are posts from the university and from participants, who is posting in addition to the institution (students, faculty, alumni, administration, public relations, outsiders, etc.), what types of posts they are making, are responses being made to these posts, how many followers there are etc., etc. Use outline or table format to easily compare the four institutions for most of the information in this question. Add text in paragraph format for information that does not lend itself to outline or table format. Be clear what question you are answering for which institution.


Explain and evaluate how


of these two universities uses search engine marketing. You can experiment with different queries. It is understood that you don’t have access to the internal statistics for each university. You should evaluate these tools and the types of search employed from the perspective of a “user.”


Overall, which of these universities is doing the better job in utilizing these types of social media? How did you arrive at this conclusion?


What recommendations would you make to Brooklyn College to improve their use of social media? Be

specific and make sure your suggestions are actionable.

Remember, you’re a highly paid consultant and want to show Brooklyn College how to improve their outreach so they’ll hire you for their next job.

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