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4.Self-Analysis of Strategy: Describe your audience, goals, principles, and expectations for how your resume and cover letter would be received when submitted. This is not a document that you would submit to an employer. The document’s goal is to analyze the

rhetorical strategies

you employed in the writing, design, and submission of your application materials. This is a short analysis essay (~600 words) that should address* the following:

Discussion of the assumptions and expectations of your audience, based on a textual reading of your job posting and light research of the company.

Decisions of wording, description, and organization of cover letter.

Design decisions of resume.

Discussion of

rhetorical strategies

and appeals you are attempting to use to persuade your audience.

Condensed version: Adjunct- Counselor, UMOJA
Location: San Diego County- Cuyamaca College
Summary Description: Part-time faculty counselor positions help students plan or choose their
classes. Adjunct counselors hired to work two days a week, one day in person and the other day
Qualifications Education: Master’s in counseling, rehabilitation counseling, clinical
psychology, counseling psychology, guidance counseling, educational counseling, social work,
career development, marriage and family therapy, or marriage, family and child counseling.
Experience: Experience and proficiency in educational, career, and personal counseling at a
community college, university or clinical setting. Experience teaching career planning, college
success, workshops or other personal development courses at the post-secondary level.
➢ An understanding of the interconnectedness of socio-economic, cultural, environmental,
and personal factors contributing to both the barriers to success for African American and
other students.
➢ Experience working with other campus programs such as student-athletes.
➢ Experience developing and maintaining professional relationships between campus
programs and community agencies.
➢ Experience that demonstrates active participation in community and professional
organizations and institutions of higher education.
➢ An understanding of current theories and best practices related to supporting student
success in the areas of basic skills, retention, academic goal completion, and transfer.
Your Name
City, State, Zip Code
Phone Number
Email Address
Company Name
City, State, Zip Code
Dear Ms. Name:
I am thrilled to be applying for the vacant job of a Counselor, as a graduate of San Diego State
University. I offer expertise as a Career Counseling Front Desk Assistant and a desire to make a
difference in the lives of our country’s young generation.
As a career counseling assistant, I managed group and individual counseling programs for
students in my previous position. I worked with young people from different walks of life and
from many cultures. I also learned about some of the students’ mental illnesses and learning
disabilities. During my time in this role,
I have grown into a well-rounded Counselor with a complete understanding of today’s students’
Throughout my professional experience, I have proven that I can preserve confidentiality, have
strong communications skills with outstanding customer service, and am highly detail-oriented
with a service orientation. Because my student days aren’t that far behind me, I feel my students
can trust and connect to me. I have never been more committed to helping students overcome
obstacles. There is no greater satisfaction than seeing someone overcome adversity and achieve
their goals.
I greatly appreciate the time to go over my resume. For your deliberation, I have included my
resume. I’m excited to talk with you more about this opportunity. With my past job experience
and enthusiasm for this subject, I’m certain I’d be a valuable contributor.
Your Name
Your Name
City, State, Phone Number, Email Address
Bachelor degree: Public Health | 2023| 3.1
San Diego State University
Associate degree: Pre-Allied Health | 2020 | 3.0
Cuyamaca Community College
High School Diploma: High School | 2016 | 3.0
Grossmont High School
Work Experience
Student Assistant l
Cuyamaca Community College
● Operate telephone and ZOOM lines to answer forward calls, and recommend
● Capturing messages or reserving appointments.
● Greet students coming on the premises or virtually, establish type and reason of
appointment, and guide or accompany them to particular destinations.
● Schedule appointments, maintain and update appointment calendars.
● Give information about various student services and college procedures. Inform students
about various hours of service.
● Understanding of FERPA laws.
● Inform students about various websites regarding information about the college and other
duties as assigned.
● Delivered a high level of support by locating commodities and establishing store system
far merchandise at store sites.
● Verified consumer purchases and supporting records to simplify the value chain.
● Collaboration with front-of-house employees to help consumers and maintain service
● Checked documentation for proof-of-age and rejecting alcohol, cigarette, and tobacco
sales to juvenile shoppers.
● Answer phones during shifts as an operator, take customer phone calls, help customers by
checking to see if items they are inquiring about are available or in stock.
● Manage multiple phone lines, put customers on hold and take other calls after assigning
other employees to help check on the customer’s request.
Keyboarding and Typing stab (40 WPM)
Excellent customer service and interpersonal skills
Maintaining confidentiality
Multi-line phone talent
Excellent communication skills
Cultural competence
Computer Literate
Punctual, organized and detail-oriented
Service orientation

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