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Discussion: Investigating Some Schools of Painting

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For full credit, you must follow all directions, fully address the prompt, and reply to someone else.

Also, you have to answer the question fully in your first post, or the maximum credit you can get for this will be five points out of ten. Please don’t overlook this requirement…I don’t want to reduce your credit! 🙂

The reading for this week and the lecture video both mention three broad schools of art, namely representationalism, impressionism, and abstract. However, there have been many different artistic movements throughout history, for example:

Avant-garde Art

The Bauhaus Movement

The Dada Movement

Degenerate Art

Feminist Art

The Social Realism Movement

Choose ONE of the movements listed above, research it a little on the Internet, and then do the following:

Initial Post

Name the movement you chose.

In your own words, describe the movement you chose (at least 50 words).

Include an image or URL of a painting that represents the movement you chose, including the title of the painting, the painter’s name, and the year it was finished.

Your interpretation of the painting (at least 50 words).

Follow-up Post

Find someone who chose a different movement than you and comment on their image choice and interpretation


Collapse SubdiscussionIsabel BasilioIsabel Basilio (She/Her)1:44pmJul 10 at 1:44pmManage Discussion EntryThe movement I chose is the Feminist Art movement. The Feminist Art movement emerged during second wave feminism during the 60s. The goal of the movement is to show the accomplishments of women and to shine some light onto the contributions and history many women have not been credited with due to gender inequality. The title of the painting I’ve chosen is “Self -Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird”. This painting is by Frida Kahlo. This painting was completed in 1940. To me this painting represents the feminist art movement because of the context of it. When Kahlo painted it, she was going through her divorce from Diego Rivera. The painting shows her process of grief and internal healing. It also shows that she won’t be held back. The thorns around her neck show her strength as she feels suffocated after her failed relationship. This to me, means she is strong and won’t let her pain bind her.  Reply Reply to Comment

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