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1) Choose a social media profile that you use most often: Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter come to mind but any online social media platform will work. Please contact us for an alternative assignment if you do not have a social media profile and do not have anyone who will let you access their social media profile. Exceptions will only be made for students who do not have access to social media.

2) Log in into your social media profile at least once a day for a week before the assignment is due.

3) Monitor your social media feed. Track interactions, posts, advertisements, and anything else that comes to your attention (for example, online scammers, viral memes, trolling in comment sections)

4) Identify instances of “globalized encounters” throughout the week and describe their nature. You must identify and describe at least THREE DIFFERENT globalized connections. If you have too many encounters, you can limit yourself to THREE different types of encounters. If you have fewer than three, try to explain to us why and what that might mean in terms of our course material (globalization and online culture).

For example, you might see an article in your Facebook feed that addresses a global problem. You might see a meme in your feed that refers to a foreign location or a viral video that originated somewhere outside of the US. Or you might receive a message or a comment from a friend who is from another country.

5) Your post should contain:

a) a description of each of your global encounters that tracks how they made their way into your social media circle

b) a description of the geographical connections at work in your global encounters (for example, are they centered on the Western or anglophone countries?)

c) explanation and analysis of what your personal global connection means in relation to what we learned in the course. How do these connections target you as a consumer, if they do at all? Do they make you a member of a global community (such as a community of gamers)? Are they connected to the issues of Global South and social justice or are they primarily geared towards entertainment-oriented viral media culture encounters?

d) Reflect on how this one week of social media observation affected your view on globalization and your own place in the globalized world.

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