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Please answer the following questions. This is worth up to 2 points. I do not automatically give you full credit simply for getting to 350 words – content matters, as well as following instructions and answering the questions fully.


Word count: 350 minimum total for assignment, there should be some balance in length between responses e.g. one response should not be 50 words and the other 300 words.

Use examples to explain your points and to support them. From textbook and from article provided.

I do grade these normally, so you do not automatically get full credit simply for reaching the word minimum.

Answers show knowledge and proper use of examples (shows you know how to properly apply an example to the point your are making).

Outside research ok but you must use the textbook and article in addition to any outside resources which then must be cited properly.


(Links to an external site.)

both questions require you to read the chapter earlier than Saturday for the quiz

I do NOT downgrade based on your opinions, but I do downgrade if you don’t follow instructions and especially if you don’t back up your assertions with research. Well-supported arguments, that’s what I’m after. And yes, having an opinion matters in my view, it shows what you value 🙂

Please engage fully with the questions provided. You are to answer the questions I have posed, not your own interpretation of them. Not responding fully to the questions asked will likely result in a point deduction. Thank you!

Question 1 (use the textbook, provide at least one textbook quote). Focus on 7.2 of the chapter on Voter Turnout. Some argue that the true measure of a fully functioning democracy is how many people actually participate (vote) in a given election, that it should be a large percentage of a country’s population participating. Based on your reading of this chapter, and in particular this section of the chapter, does the US have, in your view, high voter turnout? Explain. What ideas do you think (automatic registration is one) would help increase turnout? (For quotes from text, use the (Krutz, Section number) format).

Question 2: Assume, as most in the country believe (and many lawsuits and recounts attest), that we had an overwhelmingly secure and legitimate election in November. Do efforts to de-legitimitize elections by claiming there was fraud harm our electoral system and democracy as a whole? If yes, how? If not, how not? Please consider the following article – you must respond to the article, please use at least one quote from it. Outside sources are fine, but please put in proper format in bibliography.



textbook chapter 7:



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