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Your second rough draft must meet the minimum page requirement for the paper (5 pages) and demonstrate revisions and modifications from the feedback received on the first rough draft. All sources must be cited according to APA standards.

Deforestation in the United States
Deforestation has become a major issue in the United States and around the world. Even
though wood is an important material that aids in our survival, cutting down trees without any
intention of replacing them does more harm than good to the environment. Deforestation has led
to the loss of thousands of forest lands across the country. The problem started to become a
serious issue during the 1950s and has been exacerbated ever since. Areas such as California and
Oregon have recorded some of the worst losses in tree cover over the last decade due to either
human or natural occurrences. Deforestation is a problem in the United States because it plays a
big role in causing global warming.
Currently, the United States is taking part in climate agreements that will see the country
significantly reduce its deforestation in the next 10 years (Vogler, 2020). For this to be
achievable, enforcement mechanisms have to be put in place to help steer the country towards
realizing its goal. Since the early 1950s, the problem of deforestation has persisted in the United
States, however, recent times have seen much improvement in terms of reforestation (Watson et
al., 2018). Organizations such as the Arbor Day Foundation and the United States Forest Service
have been at the forefront of reforestation efforts across the country (Mahari et al., 2020).
As deforestation continues, its adverse effects on climate change cannot be ignored.
Deforestation leads to the destruction of carbon sinks that are responsible for the removal of
excess carbon in the atmosphere. Since forests are important carbon sinks, deforestation, thus,
directly impacts the climate. Therefore, without stopping deforestation and carrying out
reforestation at scale, it would be difficult to reverse the current effects of climate change.
These tree-planting efforts should additionally focus on restoring burnt forests because
deforestation also occurs as a result of natural causes. These include wildfires, tornadoes, and
earthquakes. Also, planting trees during reforestation exercises provides jobs for local
community members and helps fight climate change. It is important for local, state, and tribal
landholders to have sufficient seedlings and funding to ensure the exercise carries on well.
Another great suggestion to help end deforestation is for the United States government to stick to
its goal of ending deforestation in the next 10 years.
Deforestation is a serious environmental issue that needs to be addressed before it is too
late. As the world continues to lose its tree cover, climate change and its resultant effects
continue to be experienced worldwide. In the United States, the nation and its citizens need to
reaffirm their commitment to reforestation efforts.
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