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Assignment – 3
Case study
Assignment Three
Read the case given below and answer the questions:
Halima, the owner and manager of a company with ten employees, has hired
you to take over the HRM function so she can focus on other areas of her
business. During your first two weeks, you find out that the company has been
greatly affected by the up economy and is expected to experience overall
revenue growth by 10 percent over the next three years, with some quarters
seeing growth as high as 30 percent. However, five of the ten workers are
expected to retire within three years. These workers have been with the
organization since the beginning and provide a unique historical perspective of
the company. The other five workers are of diverse ages.
In addition to these changes, Halima believes they may be able to save costs by
allowing employees to telecommute one to two days per week. She has some
concerns about productivity if she allows employees to work from home.
Despite these concerns, Halima has even considered closing down the physical
office and making her company a virtual organization, but she wonders how
such a major change will affect the ability to communicate and worker
Halima shares with you her thoughts about the costs of health care on the
organization. She has considered cutting benefits entirely and having her
employees work for her on a contract basis, instead of being full-time
employees. She isn’t sure if this would be a good choice.
Halima schedules a meeting with you to discuss some of her thoughts. To
prepare for the meeting, you perform research so you can impress your new
boss with recommendations on the challenges presented.
Assignment Question(s):
Point out which changes are occurring in the business that affect HRM.
What are some considerations the company and HR should be aware of
when making changes related to this case study?
What would the initial steps be to start planning for these changes?
What would your role be in implementing these changes? What would
Halima’s role be?
4. (Your Role)
5. (Halima’s Role)

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