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Complete the following assignment and submit the 2 components as


submission. Read the instructions on how to Upload an Assignment under the Course Content tab. Do


submit these 2 components separately… Make ONE submission!

Chapter 1 Assignment:

1. Visit the following website and read the article that links the ecological approach to fatherhood. After reviewing the article, in your own terms, (a) briefly discuss your understanding of the concept, and (b) provide any personal examples that you can think of in relation to the ecological approach.


Next, compare that information with this Web site dedicated to at-home dads:


. Review the various stories and articles on this site. Compare and contrast the information on the first site with the information on the second site and write a paragraph or two about how the ecological approach is used to examine fatherhood. Finally, write a paragraph or two on how you would use this same approach to examine motherhood.

Chapter 2 Assignment:

Review the following website related to genome projects and the NIHs website on genomics research.




Briefly describe what you learned from this research. Also note how you think this can help humanity and also briefly discuss how this technology potentially could be misused.

Your answers for the entire assignment should be about 2-3 pages in length. Make ONE submission that includes both chapters for this assignment.


Here are a few simple rules to keep in mind for writing the assignment for our individual projects that require papers. These rules also apply to every paper in our class. If you follow these rules, they will help you achieve higher scores on papers -in almost every class in college.


Font size and Spacing:

Fonts must always be 12 point font: If you use larger size, most instructors will feel you are stretching your material unfairly, and may deduct points for it. Conversely, if you use smaller size, then you are short-changing your paper, and your paper will appear shorter than it should be for your assignment. 12-Font, Double Spaced, Times New Roman is your best bet.


Complete Sentences:

Complete sentences should be used at all times in all assignments. Complete sentences have a subject and a verb and create a complete thought that makes sense to the person reading the paper. A fragment is a group of words that does not express a complete thought and might not make sense to the audience. The following are examples:

·Fragment: When they attended the picnic. (poor grammar)

·Complete sentence: The guests brought food when they attended the picnic. (good grammar)


Assignment Text:

number your responses as they correspond to the question being answered.


Reference Page:

Make sure that your last page has the word “References” centered at the top, and all sources cited listed in alphabetical order by first author’s last name. Here are some samples for you to consider. In the first example, an article is identified and referenced properly. This is an article that is available in print form – as well as the internet. In the second example, the article is shown on the internet only – and not available in a journal or magazine. In the last example, the information is shown on the internet – but the author is not identified.

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