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*** With this assignment and the ones that follow I was supposed to interview a professional working within the career field that I was interested in. I did NOT do that so I am going to need you to just make stuff up. When you mention a persons name, )EX: After interviewing Mr. Smith today),  write it like this… After interviewing ______ today. And I will insert a name in the spot. The subject/ company is going to be ADT Security. So please base everything off of that company. Please follow the rubric which is attachjed.


Prospective criminal justice/public safety/security employees should gather as much information as possible on the positions and careers they wish to obtain to ensure they have a clear picture of what exactly these positions and careers entail. One way of gaining unique insight into a position/career is by asking individuals who have worked in these areas for their perspectives and advice for those interested in following in their footsteps. In the Career Project Part 2 assignment, students will have the opportunity to do just this. Using the contact information for the professionals students obtained in the Career Project Part 1 assignment, students will interview their professionals to gain better insight into the jobs and careers they wish to enter into. By completing this assignment, students will demonstrate competence in job interview techniques, will identify acceptable and unacceptable work habits, and will demonstrate employability skills.


Using the contact information provided in Career Project Part 1, students will meet with their criminal justice/public safety/security professionals at the time they had scheduled with these professionals as part of the Career Project Part 1 assignment.

Be on time for your interview experience. Remember that you are making an impression upon this professional as a potential criminal justice/public safety/security professional.

Once students are in contact with their career professionals at the scheduled day and time,

students should first say “thank you” to their professionals for the opportunity to interview them.

Students should act professionally and respectfully in ALL interactions with their professionals. This includes appropriate and professional attire, language (no profanity, slang, etc.), and other aspects.

Remember that your professor may contact each professional for a recap of the interview experience. Any feedback from these professionals on their interactions with students may be considered when grading students on their performance in these interview experiences, and with their interactions with their professionals. If any student should be reported for inappropriate or unprofessional behavior/attire, they will receive a zero for the entire career project.

Remember that this is your opportunity to make a good impression on a professional in your desired position/field — this professional may provide a valuable resource for you in future endeavors and it would not be beneficial for you to make a bad impression with this professional (or his/her agency) in your interactions.

After thanking their professionals, students conducting interviews should then ask their professionals the questions provided in the document Interview Questions for Professionals (attached).

Students must get detailed answers to these six questions to receive credit for this assignment.

While students should practice active listening and ask for clarification if needed,

students should take detailed enough notes that they can write a paragraph summary for each of their professional’s responses.

Students may consider printing out a copy of the Word document that they can take notes on during the course of the interview.

If given the opportunity, students should ask any additional questions they want to know about the position/career their professional is in.

At the end of the interview, students should say “thank you” to their professionals for taking the time to participate in the interview activity. Students may also consider engaging in some networking, possibly by asking if they can reach out to this professional again with any questions.

Student Name:
Interview Date:
Interview Questions for Criminal Justice (and Related Fields) Professionals
**Remember to thank your professional for the interview BOTH before and after the
1. How did you get started in this field and position?
2. What education, knowledge, skills, and abilities would you say are preferred, or required,
for someone looking to enter this position?
3. What are some of the tasks that you complete in a typical day in your position?
4. What advice would you give to someone looking to enter this occupation?
5. What opportunities for personal and career growth are available to individuals in this
6. What do you like most about your position? What do you like least about your position?

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