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Chapters 3-8


In this discussion, students will explore several resources that are useful for obtaining information about jobs and careers in criminal justice and related fields. Through this discussion, students will identify and discuss the difference between a job and a career, identify and discuss various careers in criminal justice (and related fields), locate information on careers in criminal justice (and related fields), conduct a job search for a position in criminal justice (or a related field), complete a job application, and secure information about a job in criminal justice (and related fields). Through researching, locating, and discussing this information, students will demonstrate employability skills including research, organization, and written communication skills.


Begin this discussion by identifying a criminal justice, public safety, or private security position you are interested in learning more about. Chapters 3-8 in your textbook discuss many positions in law enforcement, forensic science, victim services, courts, corrections, and private security.

Once you have identified a position your are interested in learning more about, explore at least one of the following sources:




Upon exploring the above source(s), locate a current, open job posting with an attached job application using one of the following sources:

Organization/agency website (examples: the

website (Links to an external site.)

for the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s jobs

website (Links to an external site.)


Local government hiring website (example: the

hiring website (Links to an external site.)

for the city of Jacksonville, FL)

State government hiring website (example: the

hiring website (Links to an external site.)

for the state of Florida)

Federal government hiring website (example: the

hiring website (Links to an external site.)

for the federal government)

A hiring website (examples: Monster, Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter, Indeed)

Note that, if you are interested in a job in another city, state, or country, you can explore jobs websites in those areas

Upon exploring the resources above, craft an initial post addressing the following elements:

What is the difference between a job and a career, based upon what you learned in the Module 3 readings?

Based on your research and the job posting you located, answer the following questions about the position you researched in your own words. do not copy and paste information from job postings or other resources (including OOH, O-Net, and/or FSCJ Career Coach).

What is the name of the position from the job posting?

What agency/organization is the position with?

What interests you about this position?.

Are you interested in this position as a job or a career? Explain.

When searching for a current, open posting for your selected position, did you have trouble locating open positions? If so, what could that mean for potential job seekers looking to obtain that position?

Based upon the job posting you located, as well as the resource you explored (OOH, O-Net, or Career Coach), address the following questions:

What is the expected salary for a person in the position?

What are the educational requirements for that position?

What are the required skills, knowledge, and experience for that position?

What are some possible tasks someone in that position will be expected to perform?

Complete the job application attached to the job posting.

Do not submit your completed job application as this is for practice.

Based upon the job application that you completed, answer the following questions:

What job application documents (such as a resume, cover letter, DD214, writing sample, etc.) are required in the application process?

Based upon your review of the job posting and job application, are there any disqualifiers for the position? For example, felony convictions, previous substance use, not enough experience, not passing training, not having a state certification, not meeting the minimum age/education/other requirements, etc.

How does this position align with your lifestyle and values? Considerations here might include whether you would have to move, does the pay align with what you need to support yourself and your family, does the position align with your personal values, etc.

After researching this position, are you still interested in this position? Discuss why or why not.

Be sure to include direct web links to any research you use in your initial post.

You must include a link to your job posting and your job research (OOH, O-Net, FSCJ Career Coach) to receive full credit for this assignment.


classmate 1:

I believe that the main difference between a job and a career lies in the under arching goal and purpose. When I think of a job, I think of a shorter term means of making money to pay bills and making a living. A career on the other hand, is the long-term journey that is driven by an individual’s passion to influence and help others (Johnston, 2022). With a career, money is not typically a factor because individuals are motivated by more than financial means, as they strive to live in their purpose. Careers typically involve earning a higher education; therefore, individuals are typically more invested in their careers when compared to an average job that requires no formal education or training. I have always viewed jobs as steppingstones that allow individuals to make it to their next level and accomplish their true goals of creating a career.

A current career posting that I researched was a police officer position within the Jacksonville Beach Police Department. I am interested in this position because I have a goal of becoming a police officer and protecting and serving my community. I want to the police officer that brings about change in the community, inspires others, especially the youth, and brings a positive light to the lives of everyone that I encounter. This opportunity will be a career for me because this is not just an average for me, this is my true passion. I am pursing becoming a police officer for my drive to bring about change, not for the money, recognition, or status/rewards associated with the title. I had no issues locating open positions for a police officer, which means there is a demand for the career.

The expected salary for a Jacksonville Beach Police Officer is $21.53 to $34.67 an hour. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (2022), the median pay of a police officer is $31.74 an hour or $66,020 per year. The education requirements for this position are a high school diploma/GED and current Law Enforcement Certificate from the Florida Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission. There is a host of required skills for the position that include knowledge of rules, federal and state laws, regulations, and procedures of the police department, in addition to knowledge regarding the geography of the city. Moreover, the position requires one to be skillful in using a firearm, writing, and preparing police reports, critical thinking, and the ability to analyze evidence. Key tasks of the career include enforcing city and state laws, rules, regulations, and ordinances, issuing citations for traffic incidents, performing security checks, and conducting criminal investigations (Jacksonville Beach, 2022).

The job application requirements for this career opportunity include proof of a high school diploma/GED, a valid Law Enforcement Certificate, US birth certificate, driver’s license, social security card, a clearance form signed by a physician, and a pre-employment authorization form. There are several disqualifiers for the position such as, offensive, and inappropriate tattoos, use of any tobacco products, felony and/or misdemeanor arrests, in addition to a dishonorable discharge from any branch of US military (Jacksonville Beach, 2022). This position aligns with my lifestyle and values because I live here in the Jacksonville area and would not have to relocate for the position. Moreover, the compensation aligns with my expectations, particularly for a new officer. After performing this research I am still extremely interested in the position, and I look forward to the Jacksonville Beach Police Department being a top prospect on my list in the future.


Jacksonville Beach (2022). Career Opportunities. Retrieved from

https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/jaxbchfl/jobs/3251385/police-officer?pagetype=jobOpportunitiesJobs (Links to an external site.)

Johnston, C. H. (2018). Careers in criminal justice (2nd ed.) Washington, D.C.: Sage.

US Bureau of Labor Statistics. (2022). Police and Detectives. Retrieved from


Classmate 2

The difference between a job and career lies within your determination for what you plan to do with your life. A job is a short-term place where you make money, whereas a career is a long-term place, where you build towards your goals and strive for growth and development.

The name of the position from the job posting is Criminal Justice Information Analyst 1.

The agency/organization the position is with is Department of Law Enforcement

I find this position interesting because it analyzes criminal history records and helps provide validating information for other agencies.

I would be interested in this position as a job, but if I was to be hired I would definitely use this position as experienced to further my understanding in criminal justice careers.

No, I did not have trouble locating open positions. However; if I did, I think that would mean for potential job seekers that trying to find a position in the selected position that I chose could mean the position is tied with a high turnover rate.

Expected salary for this position – $29, 344.38. The median wage (2021) is $40.21 hourly, $83,640 annual.

The educational requirements for this position is a high school diploma or its equivalence.

The required skills, knowledge and experience for this position is the ability to record, read and analyze files, data, records and be able to communicate effectively those findings and have knowledge on law enforcement statutes.

Some possible tasks someone may have to perform are preparing written reports, presentations, maps, or charts, based on research, collection, and analysis of intelligence data, etc and effectively sharing them with other agencies.

This agency is requiring a resume and cover letter in the application process.

The disqualifiers for this position if failed is financial credit check, background check (criminal history) of self and family and or roommates, education and employment. That information will help make the final decision.

This position aligns with what I am interested in pursuing and furthering my growth in criminal justice. The starting salary is a little low for my liking considering I have a family to care for, but working my way up through education and growth would be my goal. Personally, being able to evaluate someone’s criminal history to help promote public safety is what I would love to do.

Yes, I would still be interested in this position because I want to help people and if I can do that by analyzing criminal information I will.

https://www.onetonline.org/link/summary/33-3021.06 (Links to an external site.)



classmate 3:

A job is considered to be a form of employment obtained to receive a standardized paycheck for a desired period of time. Having a job also refers to performing specific duties assigned to buy a supervision staff and having little to no chance of employment growth. Whereas a career is a journey that involves multiple levels of training, skill sets, education, and communication skills. In conjunction with performing a variety of daily duties and obtaining knowledge that will be used for career advancement. I applied for the eligibility specialist position through the state of Florida hiring website. This position is with the state of Florida’s children and family department. I am interested in this position as a career because I enjoy working with people that are less fortunate and providing them with the resources they need to take care of themselves and their families. I didn’t have any issues searching for jobs in this field. The expected salary for a person in this position is an annual salary between thirty- eight thousand a year for new workers and up to sixty-two thousand a year for experienced workers. The required knowledge, skills, and experience for this position consist of following written and oral instructions, analyzing and interpreting data, and possessing an associate’s degree or higher in the human services field. As well as being able to attend an eight to ten-week mandatory training course. Some of the possible tasks performed in this position include interviewing applicants to determine their eligibility for assistance, reporting fraud cases, and maintaining electronic caseloads. While filling out the application you would need to submit a history of your home addresses, illegal substance history, background check, and resume. Based on the review of this job posting failure to submit a drug test, felony offenses on your criminal history, and being under the age of eighteen are all disqualifiers for this position. This position aligns with my personality and values by allowing me to utilize my caring charismatic personality and personal skills that are needed to help less fortunate individuals. After researching this position, I am still interested in pursuing a career in the department of children and families because it is a rewarding career with a lot of opportunities for mental and financial growth.

Links to the career websites and results

https://fscj.emsicc.com/careers/child-family-or-school-social-worker?radius=®ion=Jacksonville%2C%20FL (Links to an external site.)


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