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This is a 2 part assignment. The 1st part is to read the material and then write the initial discussion post, minimum of 250 words. The 2nd part is to write a minimum of 100 words reply to 3 classmates posts. Once the initial post is completed I will post here 3 classmates posts for you to write a short reply to. Replies to classmates must be focused on the topic. PLEASE refrain from telling the classmate your opinion on how they wrote their post or what they could change to make it better. Focus on the topic only.

Chapters 9-11





In this discussion, students will watch videos of common interview mistakes, as well as ways to avoid these interview mistakes. Students will then apply these interview techniques to their own interview experiences and discuss ways to avoid these interview mistakes. Through this discussion, students will demonstrate competence in job interview techniques and employability skills including critical thinking and analysis, as well as written and verbal communication.

To complete this discussion, you will first need to watch the following videos:

Common Job Interview Mistakes: What NOT to Say or Do by Films on Demand

(Links to an external site.)

: This brief video discusses common job interview mistakes and includes suggestions for how to avoid making these mistakes when interviewing for a job.

Interview Do’s and Don’ts by Vault

(Links to an external site.)

: This short video discusses things a job candidate should and should not do in a job interview.

Bad Interview Techniques: What not to do in an interview by Randstad, UK

(Links to an external site.)

: This short video demonstrates a sample job interview.

Craft an initial post addressing the following elements:

Consider what you learned in this module about job interviews, as well as what you learned in the Common Interview Mistakes and Interview Do’s and Don’ts videos above. Based upon what you have learned, identify and discuss 5 interview mistakes you noticed in the Bad Interview Techniques: What Not to Do in an Interview video above.

Consider what you learned in the Common Interview Mistakes and Interview Do’s and Don’ts videos above, as well as in the other module materials. For each of the five mistakes you identified in Question 1, identify one way in which the person being interviewed could have avoided that mistake.

Consider a job interview you may have had in the past, or a job interview you will have in the future. Identify and discuss 3 ways you will use what you learned in this module and this discussion to improve your interview skills.

Remember to be thorough in your responses. Your initial response should address all aspects of the discussion question to receive full credit. Also remember that each of your three discussion responses should be professional and respectful in nature, and at least 100 words.

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