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Are the females of your acquaintance more talkative? Are the males more competitive? Does one gender swear or gossip more? Talk about their feelings more (or less)? For this discussion, I want you to pay attention to your conversations and the conversations going on around you. What are the sexes saying… (AND yes, I realize the concept of gender is very limited and not at all inclusive; alas I am trying to align things with our readings so you have examples to work with. I apologize the author is not more encompassing).

I want you to use the areas of research presented in Table 9.1 (pg. 198). How often or what types of the meta-analysis categories do you encounter? Who uses what? How are your gender stereotypes supported (or even altered) by what you encounter.

You will have three posts for this discussion. You should discuss your own findings in at least one post; the other two can be reactions to the work of your classmates, evidence from your observations supportIng or contrary to their claims, how you never considered something and why, or some other observation pertaining to the subject of gender. I would like to see some actual conversation examples – the examples can be short – supporting your position.

Although your conversation examples may be fragmentary – speech is not always in full sentences AND I do want to see specific examples, I want your assessments to use complete sentences and proper grammar. I am expecting at least two well-constructed paragraphs for the first post (about 500 words for an A-level submission) and at least one paragraph in length posts for the other two (a paragraph typically MUST have at least three sentences, if not more – and at least 200-250 words at a minimum)

ATTACHED: Table 9.1 (pg. 198) In Ahearn Ch.9 , and Classmates posts that you need to reply to.

Kailani Cordero
Mar 12, 2021
Throughout the past couple of years I have found myself becoming more interested in gaining more knowledge and history when it comes to
comparing men to women. Seeing what men could do and what women weren’t allowed to do back in the modern times. It has become a topic of
discussion that has evolved. Now the year is 2021 and women are taking over the world as some people would say. I found so much interest in
this discussion because I feel so strongly about advocating for women’s equal rights, etc. I do think in my personal experiences and in my life in
specifically woman are more talkative than men. It can always go both ways, back and forth with people you come in contact with. but looking
back throughout my life woman are more talkative than men. I do think woman gossip more than males do… I generally think woman do have
more to gossip with one another about. Although I have heard my fair shares of men gossiping and it amazes me because they give woman so
much hate and make fun of them for gossiping about things with one another. Mens gossip is of course different even though it does fall in the
same category for gossip. I do find it equal when it comes to swearing. I think men and woman can both have bad laugh and swearing used
equally. After paying close attention to the conversations around me and analyzing them for a couple days. I have noticed that woman have
abetter say of communicating their feelings and press men to try and communicate better with every and anything in general. Men the dot hold
their feelings back and not communicate why they are acting the way they are. Instead of verbally communicating these feelings and emotions
going on they communicate them with body language and very little verbal communication.
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Yutong Wu
By the observation and experience in my daily life, male seem to have a tendency to be self-involved and opinionated in their communication.
The form on page 198 also examples a classification of assertive speech that some male favored. That is an obvious phenomenon in my daily life
that lead to the quarrels between my parents. My father always insist on his correctness, and often think “you only need to listen to me”.
Unfortunately, this behaviour is always appears on the most female hate list.
Besides this, male is tend to be more direct in conversation, while female tend to be more subtle.male are more problem solvers and female are
more concerned about feelings. For example, male often complain that female are constantly talking about their problems, female blame male for
never listening. male’s habit of communicating is to talk about results first. Their habitual problem-solving mode is: quickly grasp the focus,
immediately solve, and female are used to emphasize the “process”, everything from the beginning, finally get the result and cause of the matter;
male are more likely to end a conversation quickly and change it over and over again, while female are more likely to engage in deep
conversations about the same topic… These differences not only affect the effectiveness of communication between male and female, but also
hinder the flow of information and emotions, it will also bring about communication difficulties and obstacles, thus resulting in a lot of
misunderstanding and contradictions.
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