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Assignment: Dispute Resolution

6/21/22, 5(54 PM

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Assignment: Dispute
Throughout this lesson you have learned about a number of different peace
treaties, international agreements, and dispute resolution strategies. Now it is
your turn to choose another example of dispute resolution to explore.
Imagine that you have been asked to present your findings at an international
peace-keeping conference on the effectiveness of different dispute resolution
techniques. The committee running the conference has asked you to choose an
example of a dispute that has arisen between two or more nations.
Be sure the dispute you choose differs from the examples and case studies
provided in this lesson. For example, you may wish to discuss how Canada
imposed sanctions against Russia in 2021 in response to Russia’s occupation of
the Ukraine or any other such example that was not discussed in the lesson’s
Once you have chosen an international dispute that you would like to focus on,
conduct research so that you can draft a report that captures the following:
1. Briefly summarize (1-3 typed, double-spaced pages) the nature of the dispute
and the parties that are/have been involved.
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Assignment: Dispute Resolution
6/21/22, 5(54 PM
2. Discuss which sorts of agreements, treaties, or dispute resolution techniques
the countries have used to settle their disputes. Look to the list that follows for
inspiration on the sorts of treaties and strategies that might be employed.
3. Analyze and explain the extent to which the agreements, treaties, and/or
dispute resolution techniques have proven effective. The discussion and
analysis should be approximately 2-4 pages typed, and double spaced.
Different kinds of treaties, agreements, and dispute resolution techniques include
but are not limited to the following:
a specific peace agreement
â—‹ a specific international treaty
â—‹ a specific sanction or set of sanctions against a nation
â—‹ a specific embargo against a nation
â—‹ a situation in which diplomatic relations were suspended
â—‹ a situation in which foreign aid was withdrawn
â—‹ a specific conference that was held to resolve an issue
â—‹ a situation in which a nation engaged in covert activities
a situation in which formal negotiations were employed
â—‹ a situation in which mediation was required
â—‹ a situation n which arbitration was required
a situation in which one nation or court prosecuted another
a situation in which an international court needed to intervene
â—‹ a situation in which war broke out as a means of settling a dispute
Accompany any information taken from external sources with in-text citations
(footnote) and a corresponding bibliography. Your paper should formatted
according to the conventions outlined in the Chicago Manual of Style.
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Assignment: Dispute Resolution
6/21/22, 5(54 PM
Use the conventions outlined in the Chicago Manual of Style to format your
assignments. Properly citing your sources shows that you respect the ideas
of others and helps prevent plagiarism. The formatting style should be used
to create bibliographies, end notes, and/or footnotes.
” Assignment: Dispute Resolution Rubric
Submit this assignment to the dropbox. This assignment will be evaluated for a grade that will
contribute to your overall final grade in this course.
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