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Behavior Modification Project Part 3 – Weekly Journal

Four-Week Journal of Behavioral Modification:

Start your chosen behavior change and monitor how it goes for a four week period. At the end of each week, write a half-page to one-page (100-250 words) journal entry (include the date for each entry) describing your progress thus far in specific, measurable terms including how frequently you engaged in the problem behavior and how frequently you successfully changed the behavior, as well as any challenges or obstacles that you experienced. Some people prefer to include a behavior tracking/monitoring sheet as well, which you can create on your own or find online. Your journal entry should also include discussion of revisions to your change plan that you made or plan to make for the next week, sources of support for making the change that you found helpful, and benefits of the change that you are noticing.

Example Journal Entry:


Oct 20th, 2017. Week One Journal: I began my plan to cut down and quit smoking this week. I smoked two cigarettes this week, one on Monday morning and one on Thursday night. This first week was harder than I expected when it came to not smoking during the stress of preparing for an exam on Monday and when I was out with friends on Thursday. On the other days, it seemed to help when I remembered to fill up my water bottle and when I could safety reach the gum in my bag while I was driving. I haven’t bought a pack of cigarettes in over two weeks, so that’s nice as well. When I fill up my car with gas, I plan to pay at the pump and not go inside the store to break that old stimulus cue of buying cigarettes when I get gas.


During your journal weeks, refer back to your Part 2 submission to review your plan, anticipated behavior and thinking changes, and anticipated obstacles to reflect on how the lived experience of making this change compares to your expectations.

Behavior Modification Part 3: Weekly Journal Entry
4th March 2021. Week one journal: I started my weight loss journey. It had occurred
to me that I was obese and hence had to take action and lose weight so that I could feel more
comfortable and confident. To achieve my goal, I decided to follow the keto diet so that my
weight loss journey would be more flexible and achievable. I believe that whatever I am
going through is nothing new, and so many other people are going through it. So far, I think
that most of my weight is gained by drinking alcohol and junk food that accompanies it. With
time I have therefore been able to earn extra pounds, and it does not make me happy.
11th March 2021. Week two journal: to continue with the progress, I decided to cut
down on alcohol consumption. At the moment, I am instead focusing on how to get my daily
workout routine well done and accomplished. My everyday way has changed since I now
have to wake up early and prepare for my workout routine that my trainer advised. My
primary mission is to lose close to 50 lbs and, of course, a few inches, especially around my
waist. I would like to have my desirable physical human body by the end of this particular
year. I have dedicated the entire year to clean eating and regular visits to the gym for serious
18th March 2021. Week three journal: so far, I have changed my sleeping and waking
up patterns. I am proud to have specific time schedules dedicated to workouts since it is my
primary goal. I have also been able to stick to a healthier diet that my nutritionist designs
well. I plan to stick by these standards to achieve my overall weight goal. I have not always
been a great fan of vegetables and anything green in the past. So far, I must applaud myself as
I have even learned to take vegetables, even in the form of smoothies. All this information
has been taught to me by my nutritionist. They made my morning routine ultimately change
and the breakfast options.
25th March 2021. Week four journal: in my final week concerning the weight-loss
journey and routine, I decided to revisit my primary reasons to stay motivated. I have even
obtained new motivational points of view, especially when it comes to what I am feeding.
Along the way, I have gotten used to exercising daily as part of my usual routine of the day.
As well, I have been able to attain a particular privilege to give my health the very first
priority. I would not like to lose focus of my main goal, and hence I am now dedicated fully
to achieving my laid goals and objectives concerning weight loss.

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