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Hi~ it is a writing for a dance course – DRA 014

Introduction to Contemporary Dance


This assignment is to write a 500 words research paper about the dance artist: Anna Halprin

. The research paper’s should focus on

writing about the artist’s context

—the time they were/are active, how it influenced them, how concepts/issues like gender, race, class were processed in the work.

Please see the file attached for more detailed instructions.

Please look through the instructions carefully. Thank you so much.

500 Words Research Paper about the Dance Artist – Anna Halprin
• Each individual student will write 500 a word paper about the artist. Research from this
paper contributes to the group presentation.
• Write about the artist’s context—the time they were/are active, how it influenced them, how
concepts/issues like gender, race, class were processed in the work.
• Here some guidelines on what to look for in your research on the artists:
Situate each artist in their habitus. The habitus is shaped by structural position (socio-economic
status, family, religion, education, and ethnicity) and generates action, thus when people act and
demonstrate agency they simultaneously reflect and reproduce social structures.
Habitus can be described as “a system of structure, structuring dispositions which is constituted
in practice and is always oriented towards practical functions” (Bordieu 1980). In other words,
the habitus could be understood as a structure of the mind and emotions characterized by a set of
acquired schemata, sensibilities, dispositions and tastes. The particular contents of the habitus are
a complex result of embodying social structures—such as the gender, ethnicity, and class
discrimination embedded in a particular society—that are then reproduced through tastes,
preferences, habits and actions for future embodiment.
Habitus is one’s physical and psychological demeanor as a result of habits developed over a
period of time. It develops a person’s attitudes towards society and influences the way that an
individual reacts to the world around them. Habitus is a structuring feature of life and is
determined by a series of influences on the individual, such as one’s socio-economic status,
family, religion, education and ethnicity. That is, the attitudes, mannerisms, ideologies, actions
and habits that a person has been subjected to in their life manifest to create the person that they
are today. Therefore, an individual is a result of the influences throughout their life.
In describing habitus describe what is going on during the time/context of the artist(s).
How are they and therefore their artistic choices being shaped?
What are they responding to or reacting against in relation to their community, state,
nation, globe?
How do they use their bodies to respond?
What influences their work?
What was one of their methods for making work?
Describe some of the elements of their style?
Compare and contrast the two artists/groups. Put them in relation to each other. What
questions might emerge?
If you use terms or concepts, teach us what they mean and meant in relation to time and space
(culture, sociality, or event).
For your citation formatting, see author-date sample citations:https://

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