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In this assignment, you will create a presentation that reflects on your proposed problem of interest and evaluates sampling techniques that would create a meaningful study pertaining to this problem.

Step 1:

Reflect on your proposed research question or problem of interest.

Step 2:

Consider different sampling techniques.

Think about how you would compare and contrast the following sampling techniques:

Simple Random Sample

Stratified Random Sample

Cluster Random Sample

Systematic Random Sample

Consider which of these sampling techniques you might employ for your research study. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

Step 3:

Consider who your audience might be if you were to deliver your presentation in person.

What would you want them to know about this topic?

What would you expect them to already know?

Step 4:

Create a 10- to 12-slide presentation that that evaluates and briefly summarizes the various sampling techniques listed in Step 2. Describe the sampling technique(s) you will use in your research and explain how your choice of sampling technique(s) will help you to create a meaningful study cohort.

Address the following questions in your presentation:

Who/what will your proposed sample consist of?

How will subjects be recruited?

Are there any special considerations about your population of interest that might pose barriers to obtaining a sample?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the sampling method(s) you plan to use?

What potentials for error and bias related to sampling exist?

Step 5:

Review your presentation to ensure that you are using best practices for formatting slides.

Include a title screen and summary screen.

Avoid making slides too text heavy or dense with text. As a guideline, limit text on each slide to five bullet points of six words each.

If using graphics, be sure that they are professional, reinforce your points, and are not used merely for decoration.

Be sure to add what you would say if delivering the presentation to a live audience in the notes section of each slide.

Make sure that the format of your presentation is professional and visually attractive. Cite any sources in APA format.


In this assignment, you will write a paper that describes data collection strategies used in quantitative and qualitative research; the paper will also describe strategies to gain trust with participants in your proposed research question or problem of interest.

Step 1:

Reflect on your proposed research question or problem of interest.

Step 2:

As you prepare to write your paper, consider the following questions:

What data collection strategies are used in quantitative research? Why?

What data collection strategies are used in qualitative research? Why?

What quantitative or qualitative data collection strategies would you use in your proposed research study and why?

Which strategy or strategies would help you to gain trust with your participants? Why?

Step 3:

Write a two-four page paper.

Write a paper that describes and summarizes the various data collection strategies used in quantitative and qualitative research and those strategies used to gain participant trust. Identify and describe the qualitative or quantitative strategies you would use in your proposed study and the ways in which you would gain trust with participants.

Construct your paper and cite any sources in APA format.



In order to influence policy, you have to understand how a bill is started, moves through the legislative system, and final enacted. In this assignment, you will trace a piece of legislation from introduction to how it impacts health care or nursing practice. Develop the assignment as if it will be used during a presentation at a conference or poster presentation.

Step 1:

Identify a bill that relates to health care, a social issue, or nursing practice.

Step 2

: Develop a poster presentation, infographic, FAQ document, or pamphlet which outlines how a bill is introduced and passed by including answers the following questions:

State the legislation.

Who introduced/sponsored the bill?

Why did the person introduce it?

Where was it introduced?

Who helped to draft the legislation?

Was nursing involved?

Which committees were involved?

Was it authorized?

Was it appropriated?

Did it make it out of committee?

Was it enacted?

What is the impact on health care or nursing practice?

Step 3

: Submit the written assignment using this assignment box.

Cite any sources in 7th ed. APA format.

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