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Assignment 1: ECO 202
In this class, we use economic models to explain economic concepts utilizing diagrams,
graphs or mathematical equations. Some of the economic models that we cover in this
module include the circular flow diagram, budget constraint, or production possibility
frontier (or curve). After reviewing the material, submit a paper that answers the
following questions below. The paper should be more than one page in content (which
doesn’t include headers, titles, etc.). Seriously, if your paper is not longer than a page, I
will automatically mark it a zero.
1)Choose one of the following economic models to write about: Circular Flow Diagram,
Budget constraint, or Production Possibility Frontier;
2)Define in your own words the model. How does the model work? What are the
components of the model? What is the interaction among the components of the model?
Provide examples to support your answers here;
3)Provide an example from your own life experience where you’ve had to use one of
these 3 models to make a decision.
4)Make sure to cite your sources!
Assignment 2: ENGLISH 102
Instructions: Read the chapter “Somaly Serey, Serey Somaly” using the link below (or through
the other link in Module 2. Then, answer the following questions in a paragraph or so each:
1. Do you have any family heirlooms that have been passed down from generation to
2. Write down 3 lines that stood out to you. Why did you choose these 3?
3. Anthony Veasna So writes, “We are traveling as a group, a family, but half of us are
dead.” What are some other examples of sentences that reflect the theme of
Assignment 3: ECO 202
The textbook describes in Chapter 3 price controls, which includes price ceilings and price
floors. For this assignment, select an example of an effective price ceiling or price floor, you can
choose the examples provided in the textbook like rent control, agricultural supports, minimum
wage or from other sources.
In this 1-2 page paper, analyze what happens when a price ceiling or price floor is enacted. Who
benefits and who loses from enacting price control? Why would the government choose to enact
the particular price control? What are some unintended consequences as a result of the enacted
price control?
Don’t forget to cite your sources!
***book i will attach**
Assignment 4: eco 202
Select a firm in an industry that operates in a monopolistic competition market structure. Some
questions to ponder as you write this area of the assignment are:
-What are the basic assumptions of a monopolistic competitor? Explain in your own words what
the assumptions imply for the firm that you have chosen.
-How do the assumptions you’ve identified above affect the price a monopolistic competitor
charges for their product/service?
-What is differentiation for the monopolistic competitor you’ve chosen?
This paper should be more than one page without headers or footers. Be sure to cite your
sources. If you pick Apple as your company, you will automatically get a zero on the assignment.

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