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The College of Administrative and Finance Sciences
E-commerce Department
E-Marketing (ECOM301)
Digital Marketing Plan Project
Part 3, around (1000) words: Due week 14. on 24/4/2021. (Refer to the Textbook Chapters
7, 8, 9 &10) – For legal reasons, you will not actually create business profiles and launch a
campaign on different platforms. You will merely write the proposed plan and the expected
results and accumulated costs, using real facts from the chosen used platforms. So, do the
proper research and choose wisely.
Create a campaign for your company to launch, starting January 2021 till December, that will
be active for 12 months. Marketing budget: SR 450,000 to spend on digital advertising media
over the next 12 months. The budget also includes up to SR 340,500 for advertising creative
and content development, and for the company to manage the program.
a. What is your campaign message? (about your digital campaign message)
b. What is your digital marketing campaign Schedule: recommend digital marketing
content and the schedule for the content? (Must include timeline for the content
distribution, frequency of posts and ads).
c. Platforms and digital media you will use to deploy your campaign:
1. Social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat)
Select at least 2 platforms, the student should decide what social media platform
should be used; what content will be shared.
For each social media platform:
Determine the purpose/goal
Ideal time for Posting
What types of content will you create and share on each channel?
2. Paid Advertising
Google ads
Social media ads (1 platform)
(Must include screenshots of the platforms’ process of creating the
3. Email Marketing
â–ª In this part, you will plan and prepare an email marketing campaign.
â–ª You will write an e-mail, to/for (Select 2):
Welcoming new subscribers
Sales promotion (Promotional email)
Email newsletter
Inviting people to join your website/app
Promote social media accounts
For each audience, students should compose an email that best targets each
audience group.
Students should consider headline, layout, message, bullet points, call-toaction, image, etc.
With each email, students should include an explanation on why each email
would be most effective for each audience.
4. SEO – Search Engine Optimization
Provide a list of 10-15 words or phrases that you think people would use to find
your company through search engines.
Note: Keyword research involves investigating your competitor’s sites and using
a number of keyword analysis tools to determine which keywords or keyword
phrases are searched most by users looking to find your products or site.
5. Review their website and identify elements that are missing or can be improved to
increase the website’s marketing effectiveness.
6. Landing page
7. Any other platform that might help achieve your goals, like Blogging, Mobile
marketing, Influencer marketing, etc. (Select 1)
d. Monitoring and Optimization:
1. Describe how you will measure and improve digital marketing performance during the
campaign (Metrics to track).
2. What tools you will use to monitor the campaign’s activity. (Must include screenshots
of the monitoring tools that will keep track of your costs and activity).
e. Budget
Include a table of the budget allocations for each platform on a monthly basis.
Try to justify your selection.
Important instructions and Notes
Part 1
Due 27/2/2021
5 Marks
Part 2
Due 27/3/2021
10 Marks
Part 3
Due 24/4/2021
10 Marks
1. This is an individual work.
2. You will submit online through blackboard.
3. A cover page is required for each submission, one mark will be deducted if there is no
cover page.
4. The submitted document needs to be structured as follow: a cover page, assignments’
requirements’, then your answers. without these instructions.
5. The assignments parts will be each submitted on a different date. However, part 2 needs to
contain part one, and part 3 needs to contain parts 1 & 2.
6. The reference list, a minimum number of 10 references and citations is required, and you
must use APA referencing style.
Quotations must be cited to its resources.
7. The paper styles:
The format of the paper needs to be introduction, main body and conclusion.
Your work needs to be consistent in terms of style, tone and appearance.
Font size: 12.
Font type: Times New Roman,
Page are numbered.
1.5 spacing between lines and paragraphs.
Justify alignment.
8. Entire project word count, around 2500 words.
9. You must check the spelling and grammar mistakes before submitting the
assignment. You can ask someone to proofread your work or use online tools.
10. Up to 20% of the total grade will be deducted for providing a poor structure of assignment.
Structure includes these elements: paper style, free of spelling and grammar errors.
11. In case of any questions, please refer to your instructor.

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