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Golden Scent is a Saudi platform established in Saudi Arabia in 2014 with other branches in
the Arab world, specializing in the sale of perfumes and beauty products. The number of
products is more than 10,000, and all its products are provided in cooperation with about
300 international and Arab brands.
around (1300) words: Due on 28/11/2020.
For legal reasons, you will not actually create business profiles and launch a campaign on
different platforms. You will merely write the proposed plan and the expected results and
accumulated costs, using real facts from the chosen used platforms. So, do the proper research
and choose wisely.
Create a campaign for your company to launch, starting January 2021 till December, that will be
active for 12 months. Marketing budget: SR 450,000 to spend on digital advertising media over
the next 12 months. The budget also includes up to SR 340,500 for advertising creative and
content development, and for the company to manage the program.
a. What is your campaign message? (about your digital campaign message)
b. What is your digital marketing campaign Schedule: recommend digital marketing
content and the schedule for the content? (Must include timeline for the content
distribution, frequency of posts and ads).
c. What platforms and digital media you will use to deploy your campaign, and for
which purpose? Social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn,
Snapchat) and any other platform that might help achieve your goals, like google,
YouTube, etc. (Must include screenshots of the platforms’ process of creating the
campaign) . Also, include a table of the budget allocations for each platform on a
monthly basis. Try to justify your selection.
d. Monitoring and Optimization: describe how you will measure and improve digital
marketing performance during the campaign. What tools you will use to monitor the
campaign’s activity. (Must include screenshots of the monitoring tools that will keep
track of your costs and activity).

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