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In this unit we are going to blend the element of line and the technique of drawing together for this next assignment. You are going to make a series of small drawings using line to express some human characteristics or emotional states.


Please read through all the directions before you begin!

Steps 1 -8

Reflection Questions

Steps 1 – 8

Divide a sheet of copy paper into eight sections by folding it in half, then in half again, then in half a third time.

Number each section from 1 through 8, starting with the top left.

Label the sections with these words starting with the first section:



Peacefulness (or Tranquility)





(This one can be a human trait, quality or emotion of your choice such as: masculinity, jealousy, anxiety, guilt, love, fear)

Try to do this exercise without any idea that the drawing should look a certain way. There is no right or wrong, or good or bad about these drawings.

Use a pencil (not a pen). Each drawing will be made of lines in each section. You may use one line, or many lines. You may fill a whole section if that seems right. You can use the point of the pencil, the side of the lead to make wide marks, heavy pressure, or light pressure. Use the eraser if you wish.

In each section, one at a time, make a drawing that

to you

represents what the word on the bottom of the section stands for. Your drawings will take your subjective thought or feeling and make it objective by giving it a physical form. For example: With Anger, think about the last time you were really angry. Imagine you are feeling that anger again and let it flow out your arm and into the pencil and onto the paper. Just make marks that feel angry to you.

There is one restriction: do not draw any pictures or symbols. No hearts, flowers, question marks, lightning bolts, emoji or any other pictorial representation.

You’re trying to use just the nature of the lines: fast, slow, light, dark, smooth, rough, broken or flowing based on what feels right to you for what you are trying to express.

You don’t need to plan these out. You don’t need to know what the marks are before you make them. Don’t let your normal rational mind choose how to convey these words. Just try to feel the concept without words and put it onto the paper in that moment.

Take a photo of your drawing and submit that image with your assignment.

While completing this assignment, answer the following questions of what you observed:

How were you holding your pencil, did it change for different drawings?

What type of pressure were you using for the different emotions?

Did you notice yourself moving slower or faster to illustrate the emotions?

Do you think someone else could ‘read’ the emotion from each drawing? What visual qualities in each drawing specifically do you think would communicate the emotion?

Which drawing might be the hardest to ‘read’ this way? What visual qualities make it ambiguous or misleading

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