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Please see attachment for specific assignment directions. Guidelines included in attachment

Constructivist Lesson Plan
Whether you are a teacher, administrator, or in a position, that
supports teaching and learning, all educators need to understand
the teaching and learning process as it relates to lesson planning.
The purpose of this assignment is to produce a model lesson plan
that demonstrates your knowledge of the constructivist approach to
lesson design. In this Assignment, you will construct a model lesson
plan that includes rubrics and appropriately integrates technology.
Your lesson plan must include each of these elements:
Select an academic concept – just one concept, not a related set
of concepts – that you hope to teach to students. For example,
you might select the mathematical concept of measuring
perimeter, but not the whole set of concepts related to polygons
in geometry. Or, you might select the concept of identifying the
main idea in a reading passage, but not the whole set of
concepts related to reading comprehension.
Grade Level (K-12, adults)
Introduction that includes the central focus of the lesson
Objectives with specific thinking skills and content as it relates to
student learning.
Essential Questions
â—‹ Use multiple strategies to differentiate for diverse students:
English Learners (ELs), Gifted Students, Students with
Special Needs.
â—‹ Incorporate instructional strategies based on constructivist
views of learning.
â—‹ Incorporate instructional strategies that appropriately
integrate instructional media in the teaching and learning
● Materials
● Evaluation/Assessment (Use multiple strategies to modify for
diverse students: English Learners (ELs), Gifted Students,
Students with Special Needs. Include necessary rubrics. Include
necessary rubrics for assessment along with your lesson plan.
● APA Bibliography (include in-text citations throughout the lesson
Respond to these questions, drawing upon the Woolfolk text. Each
response should be in essay format and contain one to two
paragraphs. If other sources are used, please cite them in your
● Why are the instructional activities that you have planned
appropriate for students at your grade level? Explain how you
compared instructional activities to choose the ones you found
most appropriate.
● How do your instructional strategies, assessment activities, and
classroom management strategies support student motivation?

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