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Assessment Description

Topic -Racial Discrimination and K-12 Education

When controversies arise in schools, educators often research and access resources to support analysis, reflection, and problem-solving of these issues that affect the field of education, their students, and various other stakeholders involved.

Using your assignment from Topic 2, sources found in the GCU Library, and the EDU-330 Research Guide, transform your ideas into a complete 1,000-1,250 word rough draft. Your research essay should focus on a controversial topic involving a cultural identifier and the implications for K-12 public education. The final version will be submitted in Topic 7.

Address the following in your research rough draft:

Describe the controversial topic and cultural identifier. Explain the connection between the controversial topic, the cultural identifier, and the role of social justice.

Summarize the key historical events that have significantly affected your specific controversial topic.

Summarize the topic in the context of K-12 education, including the related cultural identifier and any associated controversies.

Identify current scholarly statements for the controversial topic, including at least one supporting and one opposing.

Describe how this controversial issue could affect future teaching practices and how it could affect future students.

Summarize related policies or methods that have been implemented at the local level including both districts and schools as a solution to the controversial issue.­­­

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