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Week 7 – Create Page 7 of your Website
Page 7 of your website should be titled, “Competitive Strategies and Tactics”
The goal of Page 7 is to:
1. Demonstrate knowledge or mastery of the topics listed below.
2. Students should strive to use information from the textbook and other outside sources to apply
knowledge on the topics below, not just repeat it.
3. Students should state concepts in their own words and/or give examples that are not in the
textbook or class material. Your examples demonstrate your ability to apply learned concepts to
real world situations.
Step 1: Create Page 7 of your website on Google Sites
Page 6 of your website should include information on the following topics:
• Describe how organizations can compete today – with an emphasis on outlining electronic commerce
strategies and
Topics for page 7 of your webpage are discussed in Chapter 8 and the readings from Lesson 7. You may
also use additional outside sources. Cite all sources in APA 7th edition format in the Word document
submitted with this assignment.
Upon completion of your page, you must click the Publish button or I will not be able to see (and
grade) your webpage.
Step 2: Document Your Progress:
In addition to creating a new page of your website each week, students will submit a Word document
that outlines the work completed on your website as part of this week’s assignment:
In a Word document, include:
• Your Published Website link
• screenshots of website page you completed as part of the week’s assignment
• describe any written content added and explain the reasoning behind your choices
• describe any design choices added and explain the reasoning behind your choices
The Word document will be submitted in the Assignment section of the Canvas classroom.
**when sharing your Published Website link, it should be captured from the link icon on the top bar of
the Sites menu
DO NOT copy the url from the URL bar on the webpage. This is not the link to your published webpage.
If your url ends with ‘/edit’ you have captured the incorrect url.

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