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Literacy Narrative Discussion Guide
1. Which literacy concept motivates the focus of your essay?
2. What is the relationship between the concept and the literacy you will discuss?
3. Why is this important to the reader?
ENG 100 13
FA 2021
University of Dayton
Professor Arnecia Patterson
Literacy Narrative
Peer Review:
6 December, 2021
Due Date:
10 December, 2021
Write Place:
In-person, face-to-face Write Place consultancies are required as postconsultancy, written proof that summarizes the visit’s content. The postconsultancy summaries from the Write Place need to be
received/forwarded by 10 December.
To demonstrate an effective use of narrative in a discussion of literacy as a concept related to
Write a narrative (Bowie, Lee) about a narrowly identified, acquired, or learned literacy (Gee)
and its impact on how you evaluate discourses. Based on an academic starting point as
motivation, discuss your encounter(s) and experiences with the discourse, relationship with it,
and its influences. The discussion must show relevance to the rhetorical situation stated below.
Refer to assigned source texts as exemplars of how to help the reader understand the narrative.
Rhetorical Situation:
A group of University of Dayton professors are researching how students use literacy practices to
inform their development based on academic concepts of literacy.
Additional Instructions:
Page count: four (4)
All submissions must be MS Word; no PDFs, Pages, Notes, or Google Docs.
Use MLA formatting guidelines: Page numbering, titling, Works Cited page(s),
references to concepts, ideas and language from reading assignments–including quotes,
summaries, paraphrases.
The essay has to be the basis of, at least, one consultation at the Write Place.
Forward the Write Place consultancy report by the essay’s due date.
Upload the essay to Isidore by the due date.
ENG 100 13
FA 2021
University of Dayton
Professor Arnecia Patterson
Gee, J. P. What is Literacy?
Bowie, T.G. Memory and Meaning: The Need for Narrative: Reflections on the Symposium
“Twentieth Century Warfare and American Memory”
Lee, M.J. A Lifetime of Reading Taught Min Jin Lee how to Write About Her Immigrant World

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