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By the due date assigned, review your final draft carefully, making sure that you have edited and formatted it carefully. Once you are satisfied with it, submit it.

Remember to review the following items before submitting your work.

Include on the title page the title of your essay, your name, the class, your instructor’s name, and the date

Include appropriate spacing, and font, according to APA guidelines.

Repeat the title on the top line of the second page.

Be sure that your essay is at least 1,200 words in length.

Include a clear thesis statement in your introduction, and support it with quotes, examples, and facts from at least three credible sources.

Include a separate references page. Encyclopedia articles (such as those from Wikipedia or Ask.com) are not acceptable sources.

Double-check that each in-text citation includes the author’s name, the year of publication, and the page or paragraph number.

To assist you with checking your references page, visit the

South University Online Citation Resources: APA Style page


Note: An abstract is not required, but it may be included if desired by the student. Also, I’ve included a bibliography centered around the essay.

Annotated Bibliography
Daija A. Johnson
South University Online
ENG 1200- Composition II SU05
Week 3, Assignment 3
Lisa Teitler
4 February 2021
Annotated Bibliography: Is Higher Education Necessary to Succeed in Life? Research
Higher education provides graduates with more positions to choose from, according to
many reports I have researched to others who do not seek education beyond high school. Graduates
usually receive more than non-graduates. Specifically, in 2004, the US Census Bureau estimated
that a college graduate earns $54,704 on average, considerably more than the $30,056 received
annually by those with high school graduation, or the $22,100 earned a dropout from high school.
Higher education enhances the quality of life of a citizen. Continuing education would also
encourage people to extend their awareness and skills, express their thoughts clearly in speech and
writing, grasp abstract concepts and theories, and increase their understanding of the world and
their community. For this paper, there will be an annotated bibliography based on if higher
education gives people the necessary knowledge required to live a more According to several
sources I have studied with those not pursuing college other than high school, higher education
offers graduates more jobs. Typically, alumni earn more than teachers. More precisely, the U.S.
Census Office reported in 2004 that a college degree receives an average of $54,704, significantly
higher than that of $30,056 a year for graduate students, or $22,100 for high school droppings. The
quality of life of a person increases higher education. Continuing education will also allow people
to improve their comprehension of the world and its cultures and articulate their reasoning in
language and literature better, comprehend complex ideas and philosophies, and develop their
understanding. This paper will include an annotated bibliography focused on the information
needed by higher education to make a productive life possible.
Pursuing Higher Education
Allen, D. (2020, August 17). Why Is Higher Education Important? Retrieved January 28,
2021, from https://www.crosswalk.com/family/homeschool/why-is-higher-education-important1367463.html
The article shows us that we need higher education by looking at how large an annual gap
between those who left high school and a college graduate is. In this report, the author explains
how schooling increases your quality of life and how your day-to-day life is even more prudent.
When I read this article, I learned that our information-driven global economy has a stronger link
between college education and achievement. They also said more than the general public between
18 and 24 that homeschoolers even earned their bachelor’s degrees.
Hsün, T., & Watson, B. (1963). Section 1. In HSÜN TZU: ENCOURAGING LEARNING
Section I (pp. 15–23). essay, Columbia University Press. https://docplayer.net/26978301-Hsuntzu-encouraging-learning-section-i.html
The article fundamentals present several concepts concerning learning. Author Tzu
explains how knowledge is an ongoing process and how individuals study endlessly before they
die. He addressed that a person cannot be educated alone but must study with others. He also spoke
about the notion that the schooling of a man helps form his values by saying, “The learning of the
gentleman enters his ear, clings to his mind, spreads through his four limbs, and manifests itself in
his actions.” The Tzu audience, as a philosopher, was primarily composed of professors, students,
and researchers. His writings are ideal for his public since he addresses the value of lifelong
learning. The essay written by him was well developed and well defined. His theories were
rational, and he presented a lot of facts.
Immerwahr, J. (2002, May). The Affordability of Higher Education: A Review of Recent
The article review provided data on the relevance of higher education to Americans. It’s
shown why the readers can not only accept the technical but civic engagement, passionbuildings, and improved connectivity, as well as the advantages of higher education in the 21st
century. The article outlines how new talents are learned through students’ academic life. The
numbers presented also indicate the value of higher education for various ethnic parents. Finally,
it’s discussed how the population highlights the importance of general skills such as maturity and
compatibility statistics.
Hsün, T., & Watson, B. (1963). Section 1. In HSÜN TZU: ENCOURAGING LEARNING
Section I (pp. 15–23). essay, Columbia University Press. https://docplayer.net/26978301Hsun-tzu-encouraging-learning-section-i.html
Immerwahr, J. (2002, May). The Affordability of Higher Education: A Review of Recent Survey
The Importance of Higher Education in the 21st Century. Vista College. (2020, October 15).

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