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Task 7

Welcome to this week’s task!

Communication has come a long way over the years. We have gone from mailing letters to texting…from talking to friends face-to-face to talking to strangers virtually. We can all agree that personal communication has changed because of


. Media not only allows us to send and receive information quickly, it also allows us to enjoy and share entertainment.


from your textbook

“Chapter 15: Media, Technology, and Communication”


from your textbook

“Chapter 16: New Media”


from your textbook

the chapter on



Now that you have read about media, new media, and refreshed your memory on perception, it’s time to get started on this week’s project.


a movie to watch this week. It can be any movie of interest to you.



the trailer for that movie.

Compare and contrast

the movie trailer with the actual movie. What did the movie trailer portray accurately about the movie (from your perception)? What did it portray differently?


a file folder for this week titled with your name and Task 7.


the following items in the file folder:

PowerPoint presentation that you will use in this week’s lesson (please leave the PowerPoint blank at this time)

All images that you will use in your PowerPoint

Link to a YouTube video containing the trailer for the movie you watched

Plan for an 8-11 minute presentation that includes the 3-5 minute movie trailer you selected.

An APA formatted outline that contains (1) the introduction to your presentation, (2) brief research toward the information you will share in your presentation, and (3) the conclusion to your presentation.

Zip that file folder, and upload your work to Moodle.

Online students – your assignment is due by Thursday 11.49 pm

Lesson 7

Welcome to the lesson!

In this week’s lesson you will use the zip file you uploaded to Moodle in the Task to prepare your 7th speech – a compare/contrast speech on




the zip file titled with your name and Task 7 that contains the

(1) Blank PowerPoint presentation

(2) All images that you will use in your PowerPoint

(3) Link to a YouTube video containing the trailer for the movie you


(4) An APA formatted outline


your PowerPoint by selecting a background that complements your topic, includes your presentation’s images, and is organized according to the events in your outline. The link or embedded video of your movie trailer should also be included in the PowerPoint.

Remember – your presentation must contain an introduction and a conclusion and should be 8-11 minutes in length, including the movie trailer.


students will upload their PowerPoint presentations to Moodle.

Online students

– please upload a narrated PowerPoint using the built-in recording software OR a non-narrated PowerPoint along with a video of you presenting the PowerPoint using your phone, video camera, webcam, or other recording software.

Discussion D: Communication Through Media and New Media

Have you ever heard a song or watched a movie and felt like it was created just for you? Let’s talk about that this week!

In this discussion you will share that song or a clip from that movie from YouTube (one form of new media) with your classmates and upload a 2-4 minute video response addressing the following questions.

If you chose a song – what is the name of the song and which artist sings it?

If you chose a film – what is the name of the film and whose character in particular can you relate to?

Theme – what is the theme for the song/film?

Audience – who is the intended audience for the song/film?

Purpose – what is the purpose of the song/film?

Meaning and personal connection – what is the meaning of the song/film and why do you relate to it so well?

Please note that this project will continue into the Task and Lesson for this week. Please consider this an informal discussion that you will formalize for the final presentation.

Week 7

– Upload a 2-4 minute video discussion of you addressing the above questions.

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