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I want you to do an observation about a community and write the observations and thoughts. After that do a report as in the sample.

Student Name
Observation Log
Student Name
After my observations done at my job, I realized that what I mostly saw was just common
behavior associated with fast food jobs. I work at McDonald’s as a Floor Supervisor for now, but
previously I was a Certified Swing Manager. What I noticed mostly is the lack of motivation in
employees. You just know they are there for a check and nothing else. They don’t necessarily
align themselves with McDonald’s values or goals. It’s no one’s dream job. It’s not seen or taken
as serious as higher ranked jobs with more pay. This can and has led to many problems within
my workplace.
One thing I noticed is employees to get comfortable with their preferences rather than the
business regulations. For example, one manager allows headphones on their shift, employees feel
entitled to wear them on other managers shift. Having to yell to get someone’s attention is not
ideal and it’s frustrating when trying to communicate. Say a manager lets the staff freely make
large milkshakes, they are always going to do it. Even though it’s a whole new person with a
different way they run their shift employees sometimes do not care. Staff are not supposed to be
doing anything like that. Those are grounds for write ups. Yet it is freely done and not looked at
as a problem. This is teaching employees not to follow rules. When they see someone in a higher
position doesn’t care why should they? This has caused conflict between managers, lack of
motivation, and unprofessionalism
Overall impression it gave me from the outside looking in is that it seems like no one is
ever on the same page. It is just a community of workers who do their own thing and hope it
comes together in the end. I see it as how most people see it a basic job people take for money.
Just workers who don’t really care. Looking at it from a manager perspective I think the
company just needs a lot of work. I think some people care about the business aspect of the job
and others don’t. Some are just doing the bare minimum and settling. Even though we aren’t
very organized we get things done on shifts. We know what is required of us. To me upper
management needs all the work. Once we show our employees, we are serious they’ll follow
ENG 2322
Observation Log & Report
Below is an example of a double-entry notebook and is one way of taking field notes. Notice that
“Observations” are fact based and “Thoughts” include feelings and interpretations. Be as
descriptive as possible when recording your observations. You may wish to complete your
observation log in a notebook by hand. Next, at the end of the log, complete a one- to two-page
report. In this report, your goal is to synthesize overall impression of what you saw. Each entry
contributes to the “bigger picture” and your understanding of the discourse community you
observed. This is a way to “zoom out” and think about the larger meaning of everything you just
observed. Lastly, upload your completed observation log to Blackboard. If you choose to
complete it by hand, you may scan it or upload a picture of each page.
——————————————————————————————————————–Observation Log
Your name:
Name of discourse community:
Date of observation:
Time of observation:
Duration of observation:
Example entry:
Example entry:
The student sits in the dining hall. As he eats
his piece of pizza, which drips oil, he says to
a friend, “This pizza is good.” [NOTICE THE
It seems like the student really enjoys the
high-calorie content pizza.
I observed cash resister #1 for 15 minutes.
During that time, 22 students paid for meals.
Of those 22 students, 15 grabbed a candy bar
or granola bar. Three of the 22 students had a
piece of fruit on their plate.
Fruit is less accessible than candy bars (it is
further back in the dining court). Is this why
more students are reaching for candy bars?
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