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Mega Company:
a Social Media Proposal using
Facebook and Instagram
 The Online Consumer
 Brand Authenticity and
 Community Engagement
 Customer Service
Consumer Research
 Targeted Advertising and
 Keeping an eye on
 Social Listening
 Conclusion
Introduction to Presentation and
Background Details and Opening
Statements to Mega Company
Importance of Social Media to Brands
Increasing Your Customer Base for
Mega Company
Social Media Platforms (SMP’s) to Adapt
(No author, 1)
Gen Y/Gen Z: The Online
Gen Y (Millennials) and newly emerged Gen Z
have reached a point where they shop online-not
in person.
Marketing on social media has become the new
prime time ad.
Gen Z averages around 7 hours of cell phone
usage a day visiting SMP’s such as Tiktok,
Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Youtube.
This is prime advertising space that can be used
to expand the brand’s market.
Brand Authenticity
 Social media allows brands to
authentically talk to their audience.
You can show your audience that you
are more than the products you sell or
services you provide.
 Social media allows you to showcase
your mission and culture as a brand.
This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND
Brand Awareness
This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA-NC
By applying a social media strategy
across various Social Media Platforms
(SMP’s), you can significantly increase
brand awareness and recognition.
For Mega Company, Facebook and
Instagram would be the best platforms to
Facebook will attract adult consumers,
and Instagram will appeal to younger
customers for your company. (Loesche,3))
Community engagement is a way to
build relationships surrounding your
brand, strengthening brand loyalty.
It also increases advocacy for your brand
when you support local organizations.
Using social media allows your customers
to engage in the community projects
your company supports.
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Customer Service
Being on social media gives a faster response time
to customer service concerns such as questions or
Customers expect that brands to be available for
quick customer service across various Social Media
Facebook and Instagram will provide the efficient
and effective customer service all customers
This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY
Consumer Research
This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA-NC
Social media generates a huge amount
of data, which can be used to make
better brand decisions.
Facebook and Instagram will provide
excellent analytics of your audience and
This will help you tailor your strategy to
your exact target audience.
Targeted Advertising
Using social media ads is an
inexpensive way to distribute
brand content.
This ad content will reach
your target audience on a
widespread level.
Facebook and Instagram
provide ad targeting options
for different groups of your
target customers. (Suvashree,4)
This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA-NC
This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY
Using tracking tools such as Facebook
Pixels will show potential customers who
have abandoned carts or viewed your
You will see specific social media ads for
the exact products they browsed.
This will drive even more sales and
retarget consumers with little to no effort.
Keeping an Eye
on Competition
Using Facebook and
Instagram, you can
track mentions of
competitors to reveal
pain points they have.
You can address issues
that your brand could
potentially correct.
You can gain new
customers by doing
Social Listening
Social media allows brands to
learn about what consumers
are saying about them.
Facebook and Instagram can
highlight the positive and
address any negative
feedback before it becomes
an issue.
Social listening with media
can provide feedback on
new products, promotions, or
potential launches.
This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA-NC
Using Facebook and Instagram will increase sales and
retarget consumers with little to no effort.
This will increase revenue and profit for Mega Company.
New customers will want to shop at Mega Company.
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Title Slide
Introduction Slide
Agenda Slide
At a Glance
Professional Experience: Presentation Summary
Develop the first three slides of your
presentation using the provided template.
Topic: Inform how social media can help
an organization improve in an area such
as sales, performance, culture, or positive
image to the public.
Audience: A manager who is familiar with social media but
wants to learn more about how its use can help an
organization reach its goals.
Develop the first three [3] slides of your
Title Slide: Name of your presentation,
your name, and the date of submission.
Agenda Slide: List the key information
you might use in the Week 6 body slides.
Think of this as a mini outline.
Introduction Slide: Provide an overview
of the uses of social media and your
main idea for the presentation.
Review these two best practice resources in
the BCOM text:
Figure 12.1: Process for Planning,
Preparing, and Rehearsing Presentation
Figure 12.2: Presentation Planner
View the assignment directions and grading
rubric in Week 5 of our course.
Submit early for a chance to resubmit.
Week 5 is the starting place for several
weeks of linked assignments.
This experience is designed to help
prepare you for communicating in a
professional work setting.
Week 6
Revise the 3 slides from
Week 5 using feedback from
the grading professor.
Complete the 12-18 slide
PowerPoint presentation you
started in Week 5.
Week 7
Develop a narration outline
that highlights what you
would say as you present
your slides from Week 6.
Week 8
Practice by narrating the
first three slides of the
presentation from Week 6.
Week 9
Record narration on all of
your presentation slides.

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