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You need to write an Analytical paper about The Glass Castle and the video you find. You need to find a video(no longer than 10mins,like a fraction of its movie version)relates to The Glass Castle whether it is its movie or the interview of the author. You need to find something from the video that is related to the book and can be analyzed. And you need to cite and quote from the book and video.

English 003 – Composition and Literature II for International Writers – Fall 2020
Essay 3: Analysis
Requirements​: Minimum 4 pages, Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, double-spaced, one-inch
margins, MLA format, with Works Cited including 5 outside sources.
Accompanying Reading Selections​:
● “Why It Worked: A Rhetorical Analysis of Obama’s Speech on Race” 107-113
● “Representation of Disney Princesses in the Media” 738-748
● “Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make History” 715-724
● “Abuse of an Unnamed Wife” 845-849
● “The Yellow Wallpaper” 862-878
Other Resources:
● “MLA Style”​ 5​ 48-596
● “Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing” 526-538
● “Beginning & Ending”​ ​373- 383
● “The Norton Field Guide to Writing Dialogue”​ ​454-455
● “Analyzing Texts” 98-101; 114-130
● “Media & Design”​ ​639-684
● Literature Circle discussions
Brief description of an Analysis: ​Merriam Webster​1 ​defines an analysis as: “A careful study of
something to learn about its parts, what they do, and how they are related to each other.”
General Essay Topic:
This four-page analysis is based on the extended reading book that you selected and a speech.
Your thesis should clearly analyze a topic or character from the extended reading/ speech. Use
evidence from the reading and the speech to support your claim and build this into the essay in a
way that supports your thesis in a meaningful or symbolic way. (For example, it could be a
speech by the writer, it could be the movie version of the book, it could be a speech about the
topic you are analyzing.)
General Guidelines:
Be sure to complete your extended reading book by week 10. Review your notes from the
literature circles to select a topic for the analysis. Brainstorm, then begin to develop your thesis.
The Writing Process:
“Your readers may not know the text you are analyzing, so you need to include it or tell them
about it before you can analyze it” (Bullock et al. 69)
● Read the book critically, marking the main idea and key supporting points in your own
● Then, expand these sentences to a paragraph or two, now including a few details that you
felt were quite important.
○ Paraphrasing involves putting another person’s ideas into your own words. Be
careful to avoid using the original vocabulary or sentence structure.
○ Remember, the summary should not contain any trace of your opinion—
only the analysis should contain your opinion. Identify the source for opinions
and from the book you are summarizing.
● Use those key points in your thesis.
● Use good logic in organizing and responding to your extended reading selection
● When responding, consider your reaction, your background, your feelings about the
specific issue addressed, and how you feel about the way it was presented.
● Point of View​: Summaries should be written in the ​third person​. Responses can use the
first person, but for consistency, try keeping your essay in the third person throughout.
There are ways to respond without needing to shift POV.
● Verb Tense​: you may use past or present tenses or a mixture of the two (as needed).
● Decide what you want to analyze
â—‹ Include support for your analysis
● Consider how you would like to respond to these points:
○ What is the author’s message and is it still relevant in 2020?
â—‹ Who else cares about this topic?
● Brainstorm for possible anecdotes, background knowledge, and experiences to support
your points for the analysis.
● Check for good logic and fairness
● Check that your documentation form is accurate
● Check the grammar and wording throughout, but especially for any sentence using a
● Check punctuation, particularly of sentences referring to a source

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