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Please follow all directions. No plagiarism and use Correct grammar.

An annotated bibliography is a list of potential sources that includes brief summaries of the content of each article. Your annotated bibliography will include


sources and will give you an opportunity to read and evaluate sources for your argument essay so that you can determine if and how they will be used in your paper. It will also give you practice using the APA format for citations.

Please do not use Wikipedia as a source

. You may not have personal interviews as all five sources.

Your annotated bibliography should contain at least

five sources

that you are considering citing in your argument essay. Please include the following:

A statement of scope: 3-5 sentences to explain your topic and what you are hoping to argue in your paper. While you may have already stated this in your proposal, some of you may have changed your topic or have clarified it.

A complete, correct references entry

for each source


A concise (2-3 sentences) description

of each source

, including what type of publication it’s from, the credibility of the author(s), and a very brief summary of its contents.

A brief (1-3 sentences) evaluation

of each source

that explains why you feel this source will be useful in your paper (or might not be useful), and where you might include the information in your paper.

Below is a sample entry. You will have an entry like this for each of your sources, for a total of


entries. Your entries will be double-spaced and indented in APA format.

Strong, C. (2009). Early Treatment of New-Onset Child and Adolescent Migraine May Prevent Disease Progression.

Neurology Reviews,


(12), 20-20.

This medical journal article features the results of a study of conducted by researchers at New Jersey Medical School that examines whether or not early treatment of migraine prevents worsening disease. The authors conclude that preventive therapy is very important in recurrent migraines in order to stop them from becoming more severe and frequent. This information will be useful in the section of the paper that evaluates the importance and efficacy of various medical interventions in the treatment of adolescent migraine. It also contains statistics about the frequency of migraines that might be useful in the introduction of the paper

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