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ENGL 1010 English Composition I
E-Portfolio and Final Reflection/Cover Letter
You started this semester by reflecting on your literacy experiences. You also reflected
on your writing knowledge and practices many times throughout the semester. As this
class is coming to an end, you will reflect one more time on the writing knowledge and
practices you engaged with this semester. You will reflect on yourself as a writer, what
you’ve learned through the various writing assignments and activities, and how the
course readings may have shaped and/or changed your understanding and practice of
writing, not only for the period of this course but for future writing situations as well.
An electronic portfolio (e-portfolio) is a collection of selected work that you’ve
completed throughout this semester. The purpose of compiling this e-portfolio is to
showcase your performance and progress as a student writer in a productive way that
helps you reflect on what you’ve learned and how you can take that learning beyond this
course. In addition to selected work from this course, you will write a reflective cover
letter in which you will reflect on your learning, using examples and evidence from your
own writing to demonstrate your learning. In other words, you will answer the question
“What have I learned?” to assess your work and learning and what you will carry over to
your future writing situations in and out of the university.
Step #1 Prepare Your E-Portfolio (10% of final grade)
The Blackboard e-portfolio should contain the following contents:
● Unit 1 OR Unit 2, including:
â—‹ Rough draft (5 pts.)
â—‹ Peer and instructor feedback (5 pts.)
â—‹ Revision plans (5 pts.)
â—‹ Final draft (5 pts.)
â—‹ Reflection (5 pts.)
● Unit 3, including:
â—‹ Rough draft (5 pts.)
â—‹ Peer and instructor feedback (5 pts.)
â—‹ Revision plans (5 pts.)
â—‹ Final draft (5 pts.)
â—‹ Reflection (5 pts.)
● Three short writing samples (e.g., discussion posts, process assignments, etc.)
(10 pts. each)
● Reflective cover letter (see below) (20 pts.)
Step #2 Write Your Reflective Cover Letter (10% of final grade)
In your reflective cover letter, you are expected to answer the following questions:
1. How has this course changed your knowledge and practice of writing? How has
that knowledge evolved as you moved from one assignment to the next in the
course? (25 pts.)
2. What role did the key terms, course readings, and reflective writing assignments
have in changing your knowledge and practice of writing? Which term, reading,
or assignment has been the most useful to you? (25 pts.)
3. How are you going to apply your new knowledge and practices of writing in other
writing situations inside and outside of the university? What are you taking from
this course to your daily writing situations? To ENGL 1020? To writing
assignments in other courses? (25 pts.)
4. What are the challenges you still face with writing? How do you plan to improve
in these areas in future writing projects? How will your newly developed writing
knowledge and practices help you deal with these challenges? (25 pts.)
As you answer these questions, you are expected to support your argument from the
particular materials in your e-portfolio. Give precise examples as evidence and make
clear references (name of assignment, draft, page number) to help me locate your
examples in the portfolio.
I encourage you to be creative in choosing the genre and format of your cover letter. You
can choose to write in one of the following genres: an essay, a letter (to your instructor,
to a friend, to a future student in this course), an email, or a narrative/story. You can
also choose a different genre that you desire but it has to be approved by me.
You may use headings and subheadings to organize your reflections.
Cover Letter Length: 750-1,000 words
Format: MLA 8th Edition (Times New Roman, double spaced, 12 pt., with appropriate
heading, pagination, and indentation)
All Unit 4 Assignments Due: Wednesday, December 8th, 2021 @ 11:59 p.m.

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